Google+ Fashion 2014 Showcased by Colunga London

**Title: Colunga London – High Fashion Designer Brand in Mexico**

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Colunga, a renowned designer brand with a long history in Europe and now available in Mexico. Discover our concept of complex simplicity and impeccable fit, tailored for a discerning and demanding clientele. Explore the latest trends in fashion, runway shows, and exclusive collections. Join us as we redefine beauty and style in the fashion industry.

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## Video Transcript:
Ah qué tal muy buenas noches continuamos en las transmisiones de google es pasión en esta cuarta edición el primer día de actividades y un día de lujo que no podemos continuar de mejor manera que con un gran amigo de la casa que es fernando colunga de columbia london and A fernando bienvenido es lo acompaña excelencia el embajador de la gran bretaña en méxico bienvenido gracias por acompañarnos tribus solares y es un honor tenerlo aquí con los rebeldes fernando platícanos un poco cómo estás que has estado haciendo claro que sí muchas gracias […]

For more information about the brand Colunga, check out their [official website]( and explore their latest collections and designs. Stay updated with fashion news and trends by following Colunga on [Google+ Fashion](

For a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry, visit [Forbes]( to read the exclusive editorial featuring Colunga’s collaboration with Mexican actress Martha Cristiana.

Learn more about the collaboration between Colunga and the British Embassy in Mexico from this insightful [interview with the ambassador]( Discover how Colunga is chosen to represent luxury designers in international projects by visiting the [Mexico Luxury Designers Project](

Explore the growth and significance of the fashion industry in the UK from this article on [Fashion Growth]( Gain insights into the thriving fashion industry in Mexico and its economic contribution from this informative article on the [Fashion Industry in Mexico](

Make sure to watch the video transcript above for an engaging conversation with Fernando Colunga and the British Ambassador, where they discuss the fashion industry and exciting future collaborations.

Colunga, marca de diseñador con larga trayectoria en Europa, ahora en México presenta su concepto de sencillez compleja y ajuste impecable a la medida de una clientela conocedora y exigente.

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