Google+ Fashion México Presents the Jorge Castellanos Runway Show

**Jorge Castellanos – La Création: Opulence and Elegance for the Modern Woman**

Welcome to the YouTube video presenting Jorge Castellanos’ Spring/Summer 2013 collection titled “La Création”. This opulent and elegant collection is designed for women who want to make an impact no matter where they go. Join us as we showcase the stunning designs by the renowned Mexican designer, Jorge Castellanos.

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In this video, Jorge Castellanos presents his collection “La Création”, which is a reflection of his journey as a designer and his desire to reinvent himself. Inspired by the fashion icon Kate Middleton, Castellanos combines luxury and sophistication with his signature touch of transparency, which has gained him recognition on the Mexican and international red carpets.

Castellanos also introduces his first line of high jewelry, featuring floral medallion-inspired designs. These accessories complement his collection and add a touch of glamour and luxury to complete the look. In collaboration with Brantano, the footwear of choice for this event, Castellanos ensures that every detail is carefully curated to create a memorable fashion experience.

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The video also includes interviews with guests who were captivated by Castellanos’ collection. They praise the unique and elegant designs, noting how they cater to both conservative and bold fashion choices. Castellanos’ creations empower women to express themselves through fashion, whether they prefer a classic or daring look.

As the video concludes, Castellanos shares his future plans for his brand. He aims to take his collection beyond Mexico and establish an international presence, starting with the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Castellanos’ ambition is to expand his brand’s reach globally and open stores worldwide, bringing his luxury label to fashion enthusiasts around the world.

This video is a testament to Castellanos’ creativity, innovation, and dedication to his craft. Join us in celebrating fashion, elegance, and opulence with Jorge Castellanos’ remarkable collection “La Création”.

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Jorge Castellanos presentará su colección primavera/verano 2013 titulada “La création”, opulente y elegante, para la mujer que desea causar impacto en donde quiera que esté.

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