Helo Rocha talks about her fashion brand and much more to “Mister V”

# Estilista Shares How Designing for Preta Gil Launched Her Career

In this video by Vogue Brasil, designer Helo Rocha discusses how creating a dress for famous Brazilian singer Preta Gil catapulted her career to new heights.

Ten years ago, after studying fashion at Santa Marcelina, Rocha started her own brand, “Têca.” Her big break came when she designed and made a couture wedding dress for Gil.

However, things didn’t exactly go as planned on the day of the wedding. Rocha arrived at the church and mistook the wrong barricade for the entrance, ultimately missing Gil’s arrival. But even this mishap couldn’t stop Rocha’s career from booming.

In the video, Rocha shares how she incorporates Brazilian craftsmanship into her designs and the designers who inspire her. You’ll also learn about her preferred style, go-to colors, and favorite city.

Check out the “Moda” playlist on the Vogue Brasil YouTube channel for more fashion inspiration.

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Estilista diz que assinar o vestido de Preta Gil deu um “boom” na sua carreira

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