Here’s What Happened in the ‘Succession’ Series Finale

The penultimate episode of Succession, “Church and State,” has Kendall telling Hugo that life is contingent and that people who say they love you also fuck you. Minutes later, he’ll pull his dad’s old body man into his service, and that evening he’ll pull Roman close to him and tell him the new order of things. In the series finale, “With Open Eyes,” Kendall learns just how contingent those alliances can be. There are negotiations between the siblings about who should be CEO of Waystar, and alliances are shown to be even more tenuous. Matsson offers the CEO role to Tom, and Shiv asks Tom for a sincere last try at their relationship. Meanwhile, Logan’s mourners lay claim to various items in his apartment, and Tom turns on Greg over having tipped off the Roy kids that something had changed.

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Written by The Modest Man

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