Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford Showcase Superlatives in “After We Collided”

**Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford Play Superlatives in “After We Collided” Virtual Interview**

Welcome to a virtual game of Superlatives with Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford, the stars of the “After” sequel “After We Collided”! In this fun interview, Hero and Josephine reveal who in the cast is the biggest romantic, most likely to get back with an ex, and more. Plus, they give a sweet shoutout to Dylan Sprouse.

But before you dive into this game, make sure to check out our first interview with Hero and Josephine from when the first “After” movie came out: [Click here to watch](

**Timestamps for each question:**
– Funniest person in the cast: Dylan takes the crown for his natural humor.
– Biggest romantic: Dylan again! His relationship with Barbara is super sweet.
– Most likely to get back with an ex: Dylan, due to his strong connection with Barbara.
– Strongest first impression: Hero’s polite and respectful nature wins.
– Would do extreme things for a joke: Josephine, because she’s always up for a laugh.
– Most trusting person: Josephine tends to give people the benefit of the doubt.
– Most flirtatious: Despite differing opinions, Jo seems to take the lead.
– Best at keeping secrets: Hero fancies himself as the master secret keeper.
– Sweetest cast member: Dylan Arnold, who plays Noah, takes this title.
– Most mysterious cast member: Hero claims this one for himself.
– Least likely to give away spoilers: Both Hero and Josephine are professional and tight-lipped.

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford are the stars of the “After” sequel “After We Collided,” and they stopped by for a virtual game of Superlatives. Hero and Josephine answered everything from who in the cast is the biggest romantic, most likely to get back with an ex, and so much more. Dylan Sprouse gets such a sweet shoutout! And after you’ve watched, check out our first video with Hero and Josephine way back from when the first “After” movie came out:

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  1. Если собеседник не смотрит в глаза то либо он ненавидит своего собеседника либо он ему нравится. Неприязнь или симпатию испытывает Хиро к Джо?

  2. I feel like Hero is over interviews lol. Sick of the same questions. And just can’t be bothered BUT also I noticed he doesn’t really make eye contact with Jo who is super chill and wants to play this game lol but I do think there is definitely something genre between them

  3. I love their first interview. This part 2 was kinda disappointing. I do not ship them, but I wish they were at least good friends who could have fun in interviews like this. Love them both, but I feel bad for Jo 🥺

  4. Re watching this because it's after we fell era, and just want to be Mad at Hero just to somehow stop the excitement hahaha, ironic how he says Professional blah blah but this interview he' not at all Professional 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Has anyone stopped to think that Josephine might be a lesbian or bisexual. The flirting with the girl comment might give that away and maybe that’s why Hero stresses that it’s professional and that they’re good friends. It’s not his place to say nor anyone’s business. Also I fully believe Jo isn’t into Hero and Hero isn’t interested in a relationship right now

  6. ‘Jo’s a very trusting person and gives people the benefit of the doubt …. Erm professionally, on set, from what I know’

    Hero please don’t be scared to be friends with her 😂 we love your friendship.

  7. Hi, guys! I have opened a confession page for AFTER MOVIE, in which y’all afternators or Jo/Hero fans can write your opinions, confessions, but NO HATE COMMENTS. Please follow or write your confessions on this IG through DMs @aftermovie_confession

  8. Wasn’t playing “SUPERLATIVES” was to choose between “HERO” and “JO” not the other After movie cast??
    I honestly feel like Josephine got irritated when Hero kept mentioning Dylan for all the answers! To be honest, even though I love Hero but he is making the interview quite boring since all he was saying most of the time was “DYLAN” and “STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL”! Only Josephine was the one who kept the interview less boring!
    It is just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️

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