Honjo Ceramics (16th Festival of Japan)


Welcome to the world of Japanese ceramic craftsmanship, a precious tradition in Japanese culture. In this video, Rádio e TV Nikkey showcases the 16th Festival do Japão, one of the largest events celebrating Japanese culture worldwide. Join us as we take you on a journey through the international attractions, senior citizens’ space, children’s activities, the art of tea ceremony, company booths, and the highly regarded Japanese cuisine.

Witness the enchanting art of ceramic crafting, a valuable tradition deeply rooted in Japanese culture. We explore the techniques and original styles preserved by countless artisans who meticulously produce these exquisite pieces. Using the traditional technique of “a point,” these pieces have been perfected over centuries, with the last 500 years witnessing significant advancements. The firing process, conducted at temperatures ranging from 1,250 to 3,300 degrees, ensures that each piece remains purely organic, free of chemical additives or enamel.

Discover the thriving ceramic art scene in Brazil, particularly in regions such as Goiás, Atibaia, Cunha, and Anápolis. Here, talented artists create unique and organic collections, offering a wide variety of shapes and forms. From functional to decorative pieces, each creation holds its own charm and allure. Whether used for flower arrangements, radio props, or as exquisite décor, these ceramic pieces captivate with their beauty and practicality.

While the production of these pieces requires meticulous care and effort, they truly embody the essence of nature. The pricing of each piece may vary depending on factors such as the type of ash used and the intricacy of the design. However, the investment is undoubtedly worth it, as these handmade ceramics maintain their temperature for a longer period, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Experience the world of Japanese ceramic craftsmanship and immerse yourself in the beauty of this age-old tradition. Discover the artistry, the stories, and the cultural significance encapsulated in each handcrafted piece. Get inspired and explore the unique world of Japanese ceramics at the 16th Festival do Japão.

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Conheça o artesanato em cerâmica, uma valiosa tradição da cultura japonesa.Neriage

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