How to duplicate colors easily on Canva #shorts

**Title:** Easy Color Duplication in Canva Tutorial | Learn How to Choose Colors for Your Design


Are you struggling to find the right colors for your designs? Look no further! In this easy-to-follow tutorial, we’ll show you a simple method to duplicate colors in Canva that will make your design process a breeze.

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First, let’s start by importing the image you want to extract colors from. For this example, I’m using a photo from my personal collection, but you can use any image you like. We’ll only be extracting the colors, so don’t worry about the rest of the image.

Next, select the object or element in your image that you want to change the color of. Click on the “Color” option, and then the “+” symbol. A keypad icon will appear.

Now, carefully hover over the area of the image where the color you want to duplicate is. Once you’ve accurately selected the color, click “Finish”. Repeat this process for any other objects or elements you want to change the color of.

That’s it! With this simple technique, you no longer have to struggle with choosing the perfect colors for your designs. Simply find a design you like and replicate its colors. Don’t forget to share your creations with others!

Remember, learning new techniques can be beneficial for many people, so feel free to spread the knowledge. If you found this tutorial helpful, please consider sharing it with others.

For more design tips and tutorials, don’t forget to visit [Canva Indonesia’s Youtube Channel](source_link). Thank you for watching, and may this tutorial bring value to your design journey.

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[Canva Indonesia’s Youtube Channel](source_link)

![Canva Logo](source_link)

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