How to Retouch a Sidecut or Undercut Hair at Home, Alone, and Without a Clippers

In this YouTube video, I will show you how I do my sidecut and undercut touch-up at home, all by myself, using a disposable razor (since my clippers broke, of course).

I forgot to mention in the video, but I positioned two mirrors – a large one behind me and a smaller one in front. I was able to see the back parts through the smaller mirror. This method always works for me.

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### Video Transcript:

“Hi, everyone! Today, I’m here with another video, and as you can see from the title, I’m going to show you how I do my sidecut and undercut touch-up at home. When I decided to do this haircut, I started with just one side, and then I decided to do the other side too. I started shaving with a razor in a diagonal motion, and I also did the undercut, which is cutting the hair underneath.

Before, my sidecut and undercut were higher up, but I gradually made them smaller because my hair is thin and looks too flat when the cut is too big. Even when I left my hair down, my ear was still visible, so I allowed it to grow a little bit. Now, I have these two sections of hair that you can see here, and this shorter hair is because it used to be part of my previous undercut.

I separated it from the rest and let it grow, so I could blend it with my bangs. I like it to look symmetrical and the way I want it to be. Some people might find this haircut horrible, ugly, or weird, but I do it for myself because I like it. I’m going to show you how I do it, but I don’t recommend doing it by yourself at home because it was challenging for me to achieve the final result I wanted.

There were many areas where I made mistakes that I shouldn’t have. Even if you’re considering doing it at home, ask for someone’s help to section your hair and make sure everything is even, especially the back part. I wanted to do a little design on the side too, so I’ll show you how I did that.

First, I apologize for my tired appearance. I just came home from work and I’m exhausted, but I wanted to film this anyway. The first thing I do is tie my hair up, which is unrelated to the haircutting process. Today, I’m aiming for a sharp, defined look, and I even used a white clipper guide to help with precision and to make the process less intimidating for my scalp. Now, take a look at my shaved side and the pattern I created.

Please note that when I shave my eyebrows, I do it the opposite way because the surface area is smaller. Shaving the head requires a more advanced level of positioning and balancing, so it’s better to ask someone for help. This was the result of my haircut, and the challenging part was the back. That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned for more exciting content and don’t forget to check out the links in the description for my social media accounts. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!”

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Nesse vídeo, mostro como faço o retoque do meu sidecut e undercut em casa, sozinha, com prestobarba (sem maquininha porque quebrei, claro).

Esqueci de falar no vídeo, mas posicionei dois espelhos – um grande atrás e um menor na frente. Estava vendo o reflexo das partes de trás através do espelho menor. Comigo sempre dá certo.

Espero que gostem!
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  1. Acho muito curioso, na verdade, como as pessoas gastam seu tempo assistindo algo que elas não gostam e se prestam até a comentar algo negativo. Não gostam, mas querem ver. Enfim, linda e maravilhosa você! Que trabalheira ahuahuash pelo amor de deus espero que hoje em dia você tenha comprado uma maquininha ou pelo menos uma tesoura de cortar cabelo

  2. Eu quando cortei o meu eu nem pensei no crescimento no tanto que eu queria raspei no 0 de primeiro, eu fiz sudcut eu acho que é assim que fala e ameiiiii❤️ vc é maravilhosa gosto de pessoas que vivem a vida do jeito que todos tem medo❤️

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