Iara Wisnik: A New Designer on the Rise

# Novos Designers: A Collaboration between Shop2gether, Costanza Pascolato, and Vogue Brasil

Ana Isabel de Carvalho Pinto, Co-Founder of Shop2gether, has joined forces with fashion consultant Costanza Pascolato and the team at Vogue Brasil to bring the Novos Designers project to its fourth edition.

As a part of the Novos Designers project, emerging designers are given a platform to showcase their unique styles and concepts. This video provides a glimpse into the stories and experiences of these up-and-coming designers, as they share their creative vision with the world.

Shop2gether, a leading online fashion retailer in Brazil, is committed to supporting and promoting new designers, showcasing their collections on their platform and offering access to a broader audience.

Costanza Pascolato, a renowned fashion consultant, brings her extensive industry experience and expertise to the Novos Designers project and works closely with each designer to help them refine their concepts and tell their stories in a compelling way.

Vogue Brasil, the country’s premier fashion publication, provides valuable exposure for the Novos Designers project and helps to elevate emerging designers to a wider audience.

Experience the vibrancy and creativity of the Novos Designers project for yourself by visiting Shop2gether. Discover the latest trends and styles in fashion, lifestyle and more.

Join us in celebrating innovation and creativity in fashion. Shop2gether, Costanza Pascolato, and Vogue Brasil are proud to support the next generation of designers. #novosdesigners #moda #fashion #lifestyle #vogue #voguebrasil #shop2gether #designers #costanzapascolato

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Ana Isabel de Carvalho Pinto, Co-Founder do Shop2gether, uniu forças com a consultora de moda Costanza Pascolato e com o time da Vogue Brasil para levar o projeto Novos Designers à quarta edição. Conheça mais em: Wisnik

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