Ide-ide Serasi perpaduan warna baju hijau dan jilbab kekinian


Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will be sharing a collection of stylish color combinations for your outfits, specifically focusing on hijab styles that complement green clothing. Not only will you find inspiration for a trendy OOTD hijab style, but I will also provide links below for you to purchase some of the featured items.

Before we dive into the fashion ideas, let’s take a look at some shoe options that will complete your stylish look:
– [Sneaker Kets](
– [Vans Sneakers](
– [Casual Vans Shoes](
– [Black Full Vans Shoes]( or [here](
– [Slip-On Imported Shoes](
– [Imported Shoes](
– [White Sneakers](
– [Converse Wedges Sneakers](
– [Jimin Women’s Shoes](
– [Docmart Women’s Shoes](
– [Korean Sneakers](
– [Korean Docmart Sneakers](

Now, let’s move on to the bags that will complete your stylish ensemble:
– [Tote Bag](
– [Zipper Tote Bag](
– [Alice Tote Bag](
– [Canvas Tote Bag](
– [Goal Tote Bag](
– [Women’s Sling Bag](
– [Guess Tote Bag](
– [Korean Tote Bag](
– [Imported Handbag](
– [Imported Sling Bag](
– [Handbag](
– [Side Bag](
– [Cute Sling Bag](
– [Top Handle Bag](

Now that we have all the accessories covered, let’s move on to the clothing options that will make your outfit stand out:
– [Bianca Blouse](
– [Yura Blouse](
– [Betwing Oversize Blouse](
– [Oversize T-Shirt](
– [White Shirt](
– [Striped Blouse](
– [Cardigan Top](
– [Sofia Plaid Blouse](
– [Oversize Shirt](
– [Plaid Flannel Shirt](
– [Oversize Jumbo Blouse](
– [Oversize Rayon Shirt](
– [Monalisa Shirt](

Lastly, let’s not forget about the pants that will complete your stylish look:
– [Boyfriend Pants](
– [High-Waisted Culottes](
– [Baggy Pants](
– [Women’s Jeans](

To wrap it all up, here are some hijab options to match your outfit:
– [Bergo Hijab]( or [here](
– [Instant Triangle Hijab](
– [Zipper Hijab](
– [Jersey Instant Triangle Hijab](
– [Triangle Inner Hijab](
– [Bella Square Hijab](
– [Bella Square Syari Hijab](
– [Paris Hijab](
– [Crinkle Pashmina Hijab](
– [Plain Paris Pashmina Hijab](
– [Silk Pashmina Hijab](
– [Jumbo Diamond Pashmina Hijab](
– [Tali Pashmina Hijab](
– [Plisse Pashmina Hijab](
– [Inner Pashmina Hijab](
– [Affordable Inner Pashmina Hijab](

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ASSALAMU’ALAIKUM SEMUANYA, Bagaimana kabarnya ni? Saya harap kabarnya semua baik-baik saja. merupakan kumpulan slide paduan warna baju dan jilbab yang bisa membuat penampilan kita semakin kece dan terupdate. dan pada video ini selain menampilkan warna-warna jilbab yang cocok atau serasi dengan baju warna hijau sekaligus juga inspirasi ootd hijab style yang kekinian.

Link Racun Ootd:
sneaker kets:
Sepatu Vans:
Sepatu Vans casual:
Sepatu Vans hitam full: atau
Sepatu import slip on:
Sepatu import:
Sepatu sneaker putih:
Sneaker converse wedges:
Sepatu Jimin wanita:
Sepatu docmart wanita:
Sneaker Korea:
Sneaker docmart Korea:

Tote bag:
Totebag resleting:
Totebag Alice:
Totebag kanvas:
Tote gawang:
Tas selempang wanita:
Tote guess:
Totebag Korea:
Handbag import:
Slingbag import:
Hand bag :
Tas samping:
Tas salempang lucu:
Tas top handle:

Bianca blouse:
Yura blouse:
Betwing blouse oversize:
Baju kaos oversize:
Kemeja putih:
Blouse salur:
Cardigan top:
Blouse kotak Sofia:
Kemeja oversize:
Kemeja kotak flanel:
Blouse jumbo:
Kemeja rayon oversize:
Kemeja Monalisa:

Celana boyfriend:
Celana kulot highwaist:
Baggy pants:
Jeans wanita:

Jilbab Beli Disini:
Jilbab bergo: atau
Hijab segitiga instan:
Hijab resleting:
Segitiga instan Jersey:
Jilbab segitiga inner:
Bella square:
Bella square syari:
Jilbab paris:
Pashmina crinkle:
Pashmina polos paris:
Pashmina silk:
Pashmina jumbo diamond:
Pashmina tali:
Pashmina plisket:
Pashmina inner:
Pashmina inner murah :


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