If you despise a brand, and they offer you money to market them, would you accept the deal?

# Unilever: The Dark Side

Unilever, the world’s largest consumer goods company, is often seen as an ethical brand. But in this video, Kristen Leo exposes the truth about this Dutch conglomerate and their dark past. Leo discusses why she boycotts Unilever along with Nestle and PNG, and highlights some of the worst practices of the company.

Leo was recently contacted by a PR company looking for influencers to advertise a new Unilever product. However, she’s made a conscious decision to boycott the company and instead made this video to educate her audience. Leo believes that Unilever’s actions and the way they behave towards workers and the environment make it morally impossible for her to support the brand.

Unilever produces many products, ranging from ice cream to soups, deodorants to sauces, tea to shampoos, laundry detergents, and much more. They are used by two and a half billion people every day and made eleven billion dollars in profit last year. However, Unilever is notorious for its questionable ethics and environmental pollution practices. Leo exposes some of the company’s worst traits, including exploitation of workers, child and forced labor, and hazardous ingredients in their products that can cause cancer and organ toxicity.

Unilever, along with Nestle and PNG, are some of the top plastic polluters in the Philippines, causing destruction to the environment, harming marine life and affecting the health of many people. Kristen Leo believes that it’s important to boycott brands like Unilever, who are responsible for creating global plastic pollution, to bring about change and reduce waste.

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I was contacted by a PR company looking for influencers to promote a new “Vegan” Unilever product but instead I made this video.

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  1. i absolutely hate having too many products to choose from, especially if they are all virtually the same shit with just different labels. who the heck needs 400 brands of breakfast cereals or 100 flavors of yogurt in 30 different packaging modes. gimme a freakin' break!

  2. Kristen mentioning the Philippines in her video

    My Filipino peers: Please rewind. What did she say? Philippines? Wohooo!!! PILIPINS NUMBER 1~! Galing talaga ng mga pinoy!!!

  3. Hi! I really like Kiki Chanel for exposing MLM scams, but just realized that she sells Nasty Girl. I thought Sophia Amaruso was kind of MLM, no?

  4. Did you hear about how Quaker Oats did food related experiments on orphans?
    They gave them radiated oats…
    It was like a hundred years ago but it happened

  5. oh god, so the other half of products that`s not part of nestle is part of another shitty big umbrella corporation thing? i probably really shouldn`t be suprised I gues.. BUT WHAT WILL I EAT??!

  6. I was tempted to buy one of those Love Beauty and planet shampoos, since they have soft cleansers and are curly girl method approved, but I always think of this video and just can't take that product seriously.
    Anyway, it's better to go for a vegan and rather local brand than consuming from a large and unethical company.

  7. The argument about male CEOs is completely ridiculous. Any position is placed by a candidate with the best qualifications – that is the rational way the company acts, not discrimination. Putting a female CEO to prove a point would be discrimination of men.
    I agree with your other points. 🙂

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