Iguatemi Views: SPFW Verão 2015 showcases Lilly Sarti, Água de Coco, Adriana Degreas, and Colcci

# Iguatemi Views – SPFW Verão 2015: Tendências de Moda, Modelos e Entrevistas

**Welcome to the third day of Iguatemi Views at SPFW Verão 2015!** Get ready to dive into the bustling world of fashion as we take you through the runways and backstage of top brands like Lilly Sarti, Água de Coco, Adriana Degreas, and Colcci.

In this edition of São Paulo Fashion Week, the corridors of the fashion week venue seem like a true museum. Immerse yourself in this unique experience at the Ibirapuera Biennial. [^1^]

Let’s kick things off with Lilly Sarti, who will share some exclusive insights into her inspired Summer 2015 collection. Drawing inspiration from the Chinese Year of the Horse, this collection brings together non-obvious elements through vibrant colors, textures, and luxurious leather. [^1^]

Next up, the creative director of Água de Coco, will guide us through their extraordinary collection. This year, they invite us to dive into the depths of the ocean, where we’ll discover a plethora of incredible textures and captivating designs. [^1^]

And who better than Adriana Degreas herself to reveal the secrets behind her stunning beachwear collection? Prepare to be captivated by her chic and innovative proposal of incorporating lingerie-inspired pieces into beach fashion. From lycra garments that simulate body tattoos to sophisticated corselets, this collection promises to redefine beach fashion. [^1^]

Throughout the day, we witnessed an array of important fashion shows and events, including the trendy iPhone and Itouch showcase, the vibrant beachwear collection by Água de Coco inspired by the mysteries of the ocean, and the sophisticated post-beach attire by Lenny Niemeyer. The finale of the evening featured a creative and flamboyant showcase by Vitorino Campos and Alexandre Herchcovitch, showcasing vibrant colors, floral patterns, and boundless energy on the runway. [^1^]

To stay updated on all the latest fashion trends, live runway shows, and behind-the-scenes moments, visit the Iguatemi website. Experience the glamour and excitement of SPFW Verão 2015 like never before.

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O terceiro dia do Iguatemi Views no SPFW Verão 2015 foi bem movimentado. Veja o que rolou nas passarelas e backstages das marcas Lilly Sarti, Água de Coco, Adriana Degreas e Colcci.
Lilly Sarti

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