Inclusively Honoring the LGBTQI+ Community: Embracing with Love | Vibrant Rainbow Pasta Bento Box

# Celebrating and Reminding the LGBTQI+ Community ~ We Love You!

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I am celebrating and reminding the LGBTQI+ community how much we love and support you! This video is filled with love and positivity, so make sure to stick around!

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In this video, I will show you how to make a colorful and fun bento box for your kids’ lunchtime! With easy and creative recipes, I’ll guide you through crafting a delightful meal that your little ones will love. From rainbow pasta to a fruit skewer and even a surprise treat at the end, I’ve got you covered!

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Check out the Transcript of the video:
> “Let’s make some lunch for my kids today. I made rainbow pasta by using a little bit of food coloring and flavoring it with butter and salt. I created red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and even mixed red and blue to make purple. It may not look exactly like purple, but it’s still super cute when combined! I added some Parmigiano-Reggiano and a basil leaf as toppings. Then, I made a rainbow fruit skewer using raspberries, tomatoes, grapes, and blackberries. Lastly, I added some rainbow candy, skittles, and airhead bites for extra sweetness. Oh, and I found these adorable rainbow heart napkins from TJ Maxx! To top it all off, I included a heartfelt note that doubles as a cute little envelope. I sealed it with a sticker, and voila! This is what the stacked lunch boxes look like. Wishing you all a fantastic day!”

Remember to spread love and acceptance all year round!

Celebrating and reminding the LGBTQI+ community ~ we love you!!
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Written by Sulhee Jessica


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  1. Why are children being exposed (seeing/knowing) to adults that want to have sex with other adults and identify as that said sexual preference. Do people think that it's okay for children to have "consent" to sexual relations with Mr.David the neighbor down the street who's out and proud and would love to teach your children how to have sex. And to think it's okay to do sexual actions around the age 4-13 years maybe even worse. Wow.

  2. Don't do this insanity to your kids Jesus freaking Christ. They don't need LGBT BS rubbed in their faces. Just let them be kids for god's sake. Gay men like myself are so tired of this crap.

  3. pasta with butter and salt is very honestly one of the best comfort foods to me, this coming from someone that is passionate about cooking and makes tons of homemade meals every week. obviously there's many things I love more, but it is just so nostalgic and simple and GOOD. I would have loved this as a kid and still

  4. Bro how old are these poor kids, if they’re the same age as similar creators you don’t need to be giving them lgbtq stuff in their LUNCHES. I don’t care if you teach them it’s okay but at least leave their lunches alone

  5. Why are you saying happy pride month to your kids? Who even does that? Not just pride month, but for any social activist event, it’s very odd to be doing this. You think you’re progressive but you’re just odd.

  6. Will they be having a blood glucose test at the doctor’s office afterwards or do you really expect a meal of carbs and food coloring to be the ideal meal for kids sitting still in class behaving for teacher? Also, is anyone else laughing at the idea that “pride” is the new religion and we coincidentally have a rampant plague of narcissists in society? When are people going to advocate for a “humble” month or “humble parades”? Do we really need to encourage more of the exhibitionist culture in society.. people should not be announcing their sexual preferences in public, nor should other people want to hear them. The entire pride scene is such a cult.

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