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It’s highly unlikely that anyone can resist Indian curry. The aromatic blend of spices, the bold colors and textures, and the rich flavors come together in a mouthwatering medley that truly captivates the senses. It’s no wonder that Indian cuisine is one of the most beloved in the world. And in the finale episode of MasterChef New Zealand, the stakes are high as contestants face the ultimate test of flavor – an Indian curry taste-off.


In the two-hour finale episode of MasterChef New Zealand, the top two contestants were tasked with preparing two distinct curries. The first was a classic Butter Chicken, a hallmark of North Indian cuisine, while the second was a vegetarian curry featuring paneer, a type of Indian cheese. The contestants had to balance the flavors, textures, and spices of the curries to perfection, paying close attention to the traditional techniques and ingredients of Indian cooking.


The judges of MasterChef New Zealand, along with guest judge and Indian cuisine expert, Chef Asha, had the challenging yet delicious job of tasting the curries. With years of experience, the judges were able to discern the subtle nuances of each dish, evaluating the contestants’ mastery of flavors, textures, and presentation.

The Butter Chicken was found to be spicy yet balanced, with a luscious creaminess and tender chicken. The judges appreciated the use of garam masala, a blend of warming spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, as well as the addition of kasuri methi, dried fenugreek leaves that impart a distinct herbal aroma. The vegetarian curry, on the other hand, was praised for its creative use of paneer, the soft cheese that absorbed the fragrant curry sauce beautifully. The judges enjoyed the mix of sweet and savory flavors, achieved by the addition of raisins and cashews.


Ultimately, the judges were impressed with both contestants’ skills, but only one could be crowned the winner of MasterChef New Zealand. In a fittingly dramatic fashion, the judges announced the winner with a slow reveal of the trophy, culminating in tears of joy and relief. The winner had proven their ability to master one of the most complex and rewarding cuisines in the world.


The finale episode of MasterChef New Zealand brought together the best of Indian cuisine and the most talented home cooks in the country. With a challenging yet thrilling test of taste, the contestants demonstrated their mastery of spices, flavors, and textures. In the end, the winner emerged victorious, showcasing their dedication to the art of Indian cooking. For fans of Indian cuisine, the finale of MasterChef New Zealand was a must-see event that celebrated the rich and diverse flavors of this beloved cuisine.

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