Inspiramais 2016: A Source of Inspiration in the Making

## Inspiramais 2016: Discovering Fashion with a Social Twist!

Welcome to Inspiramais 2016, the ultimate fashion event where creativity meets social responsibility! In this video, we take you behind the scenes of the incredible projects showcased at Inspiramais, highlighting the inspiring work being done in sustainable fashion.

At the heart of Inspiramais is the commitment to repurpose materials that would otherwise go to waste. One such project we explore is the amazing work of Grupo Kanoa, located in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul. They ingeniously transform rubber scraps left over from the automotive industry into fashionable accessories and stylish adornments for shoes. Imagine a chic handbag crafted entirely from industry leftovers – it’s fashion with a green twist!

In this mesmerizing video, we showcase the stunning creations made from these repurposed materials and how they are revolutionizing the way we perceive sustainable fashion. From trendy bags to eye-catching shoe embellishments, the artistic craftsmanship and social impact of Grupo Kanoa’s work are truly remarkable.

No fashion enthusiast can afford to miss out on this unique journey into the world of Inspiramais 2016. Join us as we delve into the realm of innovative designs, ecological consciousness, and the power of fashion to make a positive change in society.

Looking for more information on Inspiramais or the incredible work of Grupo Kanoa? Check out our authority links below:

– [Inspiramais Official Website](
– [Grupo Kanoa’s Website](

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Estivemos no Inspiramais 2016!
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