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# Discovering the World of Fashion with Designer Cris Barros: Behind the Scenes

Get ready for an exclusive interview with the talented designer Cris Barros as she shares insights into her creative process and gives you a glimpse of the backstage of her studio in São Paulo. In this video, you will learn about her inspiration and the making of her latest collection.

Cris Barros draws on various cultural influences to create unique and beautiful pieces of fashion. Her latest collection draws inspiration from a London cabaret show she saw in the 1920s, which led her to develop an artistic movement that evokes the spirit of Dadaism. The collection features dresses with straight lines and loose camisoles that represent a nod to her cultural roots.

As a cosmopolitan woman, Cris draws inspiration from diverse cultures, which reflects the vibrant and diverse streets of São Paulo. The city features some of the best Japanese, Italian, and local cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife that caters to every taste and mood. The city is a melting pot of creative influences, and Cris Barros is one of its most celebrated fashion icons.

Join us for this inspiring interview and behind-the-scenes look at the world of fashion, featuring Cris Barros.

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Confira a nossa entrevista exclusiva com a estilista Cris Barros e conheça os bastidores do seu estúdio na capital paulista.
Cris Barros

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