Interview with Denisa Palsha, Fall/Winter 2023-24: Unveiling the Urban Bohemia Collection by Michael Kors

# **[New York Fashion Week 2023-24] Michael Kors Fall/Winter Collection: Interview with the Iconic Designer**

Welcome to our exclusive interview with fashion powerhouse Michael Kors as he unveils his breathtaking fall/winter 2023-2024 collection at New York Fashion Week! In this interview, Kors shares his inspiration and pays homage to the remarkable women of the 1970s, including Cher, Tina Turner, Lena Horne, Ali McGraw, and Jane Fonda, who embodied timeless glamour while changing the world.

The collection showcases the perfect blend of bohemian and urban styles, revealing a sleek and sexy expression of femininity. Featuring a stunning array of sweeping coats, dramatic capes, leggy dresses, softly flared sleeves, body-conscious knit dressing, sleek jumpsuits, and trousers, Kors’ designs are a true testament to his unparalleled creativity and mastery.

In this interview, Kors highlights the power of mixing proportions in fashion, allowing for the combination of longer coats or jackets with shorter pieces, ultimately creating a striking contrast between concealment and revelation. The designs also include eye-catching streamer skirts and dresses that exude femininity and sensuality with every step, while keeping a classic look when stationary.

To enhance the overall look, Kors suggests incorporating fabulous accessories such as Agate necklaces worn on silver chokers and a reissued belt from 2004, paying tribute to the iconic Gloria Steinem. These accessories transform even the most casual ensemble into a captivating fashion statement.

The front row of Kors’ runway show boasted the presence of style icons of our time, including the likes of Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and Jane Krakowski. Kors draws a parallel between the inspiring women of the 1970s and the modern icons of today, emphasizing their shared ability to masterfully juggle careers, travel, and family, all while looking flawless. Comfort, movement, and versatility are essential for today’s multitasking women, and Kors’ collection effortlessly reflects this dynamic lifestyle.

Kors also offers insight into what he believes every woman should have in her wardrobe. He suggests investing in a fabulous white or black jacket that can be worn year-round, effortlessly elevating any outfit, whether it’s a glamorous evening gown or a casual jeans-and-tee ensemble. For a touch of stolen-from-the-boys style, Kors recommends embracing oversized jackets for a chic, borrowed-from-your-boyfriend aesthetic.

Don’t miss out on this captivating interview with Michael Kors as he delves into his dazzling fall/winter 2023-2024 collection, blurring the lines between classic elegance and contemporary vogue. Join us as we unravel the essence of timeless glamour at New York Fashion Week!

Check out the full interview video for an exclusive glimpse into Kors’ inspiring world of fashion: [Link to Video](source)

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*Transcript of the Video:*

[Denisa Palsha]: Hi, I’m Denisa Palsha, and we are at New York Fashion Week, Michael Kors collection, fall/winter 2023 runway show. Michael, congratulations on a beautiful fall/winter 23 collection. Tell me, what was your inspiration, and who were your muses?

[Michael Kors]: Well, you know, I started thinking about the moment in my life when I was so in love with fashion and decided I wanted to be a designer – back in the 1970s as a teenager. So, I kept thinking about all these remarkable women of that era who were strong, smart, and stylish. Tina Turner, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem – these women were changing the world, but they looked amazing doing it. So, it’s sort of my homage to that whole idea of bohemia but in a very urban, sleek, and sexy way.

[Denisa Palsha]: Fascinating! Could you share with us some of your favorite pieces from this collection and tell us about the silhouettes and colors?

[Michael Kors]: Of course! I absolutely love the idea of mixing proportions. The combination of a longer coat or jacket with something shorter, like a dress, skirt, or even shorts, creates this captivating contrast of concealment and revelation. It’s very sexy, and it adds a beautiful movement when you walk. Additionally, we’ve incorporated streamers into many of our skirts and dresses – when stationary, they look classic, but as you walk, they reveal their feminine and alluring side.

[Denisa Palsha]: Accessorizing is always key. Can you tell us about the accessories in this collection?

[Michael Kors]: Definitely! When we want to feel more casual, accessories play a crucial role in bringing an outfit to life. We have some fabulous Agate necklaces worn on silver chokers that look stunning against bare skin or over a sweater. Additionally, I’ve reissued this amazing belt from 2004, almost 20 years old now, which pays homage to Gloria Steinem. It has a modernist and hip style that is sexy and flattering, drawing attention to the waist and changing proportions.

[Denisa Palsha]: It’s incredible to see modern icons like Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson in your front row. How do you see the similarities between these women of the 1970s and today’s era?

[Michael Kors]: Today’s women, the women I dress, are true multitaskers. They juggle careers, travel, family – their lives are busy. Similarly, in the 1970s, women’s lives were becoming more complicated and busy. Comfort and movement in clothing became more important. Today’s icons like Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson are also busy women who want to look great while getting on with their lives.

[Denisa Palsha]: Lastly, what do you think every woman should have in her wardrobe from this collection?

[Michael Kors]: I am a firm believer in having a fabulous white or black jacket that can be worn year-round. It’s an investment piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, whether it’s thrown over an evening gown or paired with jeans. Personally, I prefer a slightly oversized jacket for that borrowed-from-your-boyfriend or borrowed-from-your-husband look. And remember, the world is looking at you, so check out your outfit in a three-way mirror – make sure those trousers look great!

[Denisa Palsha]: Thank you, Michael, for this incredible insight into your fall/winter collection. It’s been an honor!

*Source: [Full Interview Video](source)*

Enjoy the exclusive interview with Michael Kors speaking about his fall/winter 2023-2024 collection showcased at New York Fashion Week! The collection is all about timeless glamour which was embodied by Cher, Tina Turner, Lena Horne, Ali McGraw, and Jane Fonda. It features sweeping coats and dramatic capes paired with leggy dresses, softly flared sleeves and skirts, body-conscious knit dressing, sleek jumpsuits and trousers and more.
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