Interview with Designer Lucian Matis by TL Rader

# TL Rader Interviews Designer Lucian Matis: Uncovering the Magic & Passion Behind His Unpredictable Collections

Join TL Rader, the host of Style File on Rogers TV’s “Ottawa Living,” in this insightful interview with designer Lucian Matis. Fresh from the finals of Project Runway Canada, Lucian is on fire and bringing his latest collection to Ottawa. In this episode of Style File, TL delves into the creative genius and inspiration behind Lucian’s design philosophy.

### Behind the Scenes: Captured by Simon Patenaude and Edited by Todd Cameron

We have captured the magic on camera with Simon Patenaude’s exceptional filming and Todd Cameron’s seamless editing skills. Every detail of the interview is a must-watch for any fashion enthusiast seeking an inside look into this creative mind’s world.

### Unpredictable and Passionate

For Lucian, fashion is not merely a career – but a passion that he has nurtured since childhood. TL highlights the designer’s eclectic artistic background, where he began as a painter before exploring music and literature. Lucian’s love for fashion shines through in his runway collections, with each piece being innovative and unpredictable.

### The Art of Black: Lucian Matis’s First Commercial Collection

Lucian’s latest collection is black, and TL is curious why he chose this color. Lucian explains that he wanted to challenge himself with a commercial collection and that black is an excellent starting point for launching into retail. According to the designer, every woman loves to wear black, and he played with the idea of infusing some Asian influence.

### Mentors and Inspiration

Michelangelo Buonarroti was Lucian’s first mentor as he fell in love with his work and passion for his art. Alia’s twisted world also captured his imagination, inspiring him with its magic and uniqueness. TL uncovers the thought process behind Lucian’s creative process and the inspiration for his black collection.

### Project Runway Canada: A Design Adventure

TL delves into Lucian’s experience on Project Runway Canada, describing the challenges and growth that he encountered as a designer. Lucian speaks candidly about his inspirations and the influence of judge Read d Sylvan. The constructive criticism he received from judges remains with him today.

### The Dream: Red Carpet Ready in Oluchi Enmities Design

TL asks Lucian what he envisions for his ultimate design moment, and his dream is to see his gown on the red carpet at the Emmys. TL was thrilled to hear Lucian already had a design in mind – a stunning deep red gown that would complement her complexion and bring out her chicness.

### Get Your Dream Dress: Oluchi Enmities Available at Justines

If you want to get a piece of Lucian’s stunning designs, he will now be available at Justines on Sussex Drive. Choose from a vast collection of elegant dresses and make your fashion dreams come true.

Come and experience the world of fashion with TL Rader and Lucian Matis – a designer whose magic and passion never fades.


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TL Rader – host of Style File on Rogers TV’s “Ottawa Living” – interview with designer Lucian Matis. Camera: Simon Patenaude Editing: Todd CameronLucian Matis.

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