Interview with Stacey McKenzie at World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

**What’s hot on the Spring/Summer ’13 runway – WMCFW ft. Stacey McKenzie
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In this exciting video, international model, host, and fashion judge Stacey McKenzie gives us an inside look into the Spring/Summer ’13 runway at the WMCFW (World Mastercard Fashion Week) in Toronto. As an accredited press, the team at myETVmedia was able to capture all the highlights and retain the rights to this exclusive footage.

With a focus on Canadian fashion designers, Stacey shares her favorite looks and models from this inaugural event. From the iconic Joe Fresh to the talented Lucian Matis, and the trendsetting Soia & Kyo, the Canadian fashion scene was on fire at WMCFW.

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What really stood out for Stacey was the explosion of vibrant colors and diverse fabric choices showcased on the runway. From pastels to shockingly bright hues, the Spring/Summer ’13 collections brought a refreshing burst of energy. Stacey particularly loved the use of embossed leather in daring mustard yellow and stunning red, showcased by Lucian Matis.

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As an advocate for Canadian talent, Stacey believes it is crucial for more designers to have the opportunity to showcase their work on international runways. While many Canadian designers have found success abroad, Stacey hopes they will return home to inspire and uplift the local fashion industry.

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During the video, Stacey also highlights some stand-out models that caught her attention. From a striking white girl with dark brown hair and almond-shaped eyes to an Asian model with a cute yet edgy vibe, the runway was filled with diverse beauty. Stacey also gives a shoutout to the “dope” male models who showcased their style and presence on the WMCFW stage.

Overall, this video provides a glimpse into the dynamic world of Canadian fashion, featuring top designers, stunning models, and a vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the Spring/Summer ’13 fashion trends and the incredible talent that WMCFW has to offer!

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What’s hot on the Spring/Summer ’13 runway. International model, host and fashion judge Stacey McKenzie takes a minute to talk about her favourite looks, models and the Canadian fashion designers at the inaugural S/S’13 WMCFW. Joe Fresh, Lucian Matis, Soia & Kyo and many other Canadian designers on the runway at WMCFW in Toronto.

myETVmedia attended WMCFW as accredited press and retain the rights for all footage.
Music courtesy of Dan-o at DanoSongs.comLucian Matis.

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