Iódice Parade – Fashion Rio – Summer 2014

*[Desfile Iódice – Fashion Rio – Verão 2014](source)*

Welcome to the mesmerizing Desfile Iódice, showcasing the stunning Fashion Rio collection for Verão 2014. This captivating fashion event embraces the essence of summer with the finest designs and trends.

In this spectacular runway show, Iódice presents an exquisite range of fashionable clothing, perfect for embracing the summer vibes. From vibrant colors to chic patterns, each outfit reflects the essence of the season.

Join us as we witness the trendy designs and captivating looks presented by Iódice at Fashion Rio. Get ready to be inspired by the latest fashion trends for the summer of 2014 and discover how to elevate your own style to unprecedented levels.

With its flawless execution and attention to detail, Iódice consistently sets the bar high in the fashion industry. Their Verão 2014 collection is no exception. Experience the awe-inspiring talent of this iconic fashion brand as they unveil their latest creations on the runway.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, seeking inspiration for your wardrobe, or simply appreciate the artistry behind fashion shows, this Desfile Iódice video is a must-watch. Immerse yourself in the world of high fashion and elevate your sense of style with the trends showcased in this unforgettable event.

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*Source: [Desfile Iódice – Fashion Rio – Verão 2014](source)*

Desfile Iódice – Fashion Rio – Verão 2014

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  1. De 1997 á 2002 trabalhando na Iódice Maceió AL, anos incríveis! O tempo provou que ela é a melhor marcar do país, todas desapareceram, ela continua. A única coisa lamentável, foi Alexandre ter conseguindo convencer Valdemar a tirar o masculino das passarelas, tristíssimo!

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