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**Title: ColombiaModa 2013 Special: A Fascinating Journey through Fashion**

Welcome to ColombiaModa 2013, a spectacular event that showcases the latest trends and collections in the world of fashion. In this special, we will take you on a captivating journey filled with glamour, creativity, and artistry. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we unveil a collection inspired by the brilliant Uruguayan sculptor, Paula Carri.

*Color Palette and Expectations:*
Prepare to be mesmerized by a stylish and sophisticated color palette featuring neutral grays, creamy whites, and vibrant accents of purples, bronzes, and blues. As we celebrate 25 years of incredible work, the pride we share is immense. Join us in experiencing the culmination of this remarkable journey.

*Creating a Visual Masterpiece:*
Bringing the sensation of stones to the runway is our ultimate aim, and you’ll witness a remarkable set design that our team at Inexmoda has diligently crafted. Be prepared to be awe-struck by the power and beauty that emerges when art and fashion collide.

*Models that Shine:*
Our runway will be graced by 20 incredibly talented and beautiful young models. Alongside them, you’ll also recognize some familiar faces who are certain to create magic on the runway.

*The Anticipation for Haider Ackermann:*
This year, the excitement is amplified as we welcome the renowned fashion icon, Haider Ackermann. Join us on our first night as we bask in the electrifying atmosphere that will surely leave you enchanted.

*Behind the Scenes:*
Preparing for a week-long fashion extravaganza is no small feat. Our journey began at the start of the year, meticulously developing prints, color palettes, embroidery, and architectural elements. Our collaboration with Ricardo Bedoya and Andrés Matiz, alongside the invaluable support of Inexmoda, has been instrumental in shaping our grand vision.

*Witness the Evolution of Colombian Fashion:*
Step into a mini-museum showcasing the evolution of Colombian fashion as we proudly display a unique mannequin. The dress created specifically for this exhibit is inspired by a design showcased at Milan Fashion Week three years ago. Join us in celebrating the rich heritage and creativity of Colombian fashion.

Hola amigos de **Fucsia Puntocom**, soy Isabel, y los invito a que estén muy pendientes del **Especial de ColombiaModa 2013**. En este vídeo, encontrarás toda la información sobre las pasarelas y las emocionantes novedades que nos esperan este año.

Para obtener más información sobre el especial, consulta el enlace oficial aquí: [ColombiaModa 2013 – Fucsia](

Stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and live stream the event on the 24th of July. Don’t miss out on the enthralling world of **ColombiaModa** and the fusion of fashion and art at the **Museum of Fashion Fusion**. Stay tuned for an incredible experience!


– [Fucsia – ColombiaModa 2013 Special](
– [Inexmoda – Official Website](

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