Isabela Capeto Collection for C&A

**Isabela Capeto x C&A: Exploring the Botanical World Through Fashion**

Step into the world of botanical wonder with Isabela Capeto’s latest collection for C&A, featuring a range of garments and accessories for adults and children alike. Inspired by a trip around the world in search of all the flowers that exist, Isabela has translated her passion for nature into a collection that will make you smile.

From the coordinated color and size patterns to the shoes and accessories, this collection exudes richness and diversity in its designs. Isabela Capeto has worked magic with prints ranging from tiny to large, perfect for children of all ages.

Available in stores starting September 22nd, this collection is not to be missed. Experience the joy of sharing Isabela’s passion for nature with kids all over the world by dressing them in her creative pieces.

For more fashion inspiration, check out [Vogue’s feature on Isabela Capeto]( Join the botanical fashion trend and #abuse the beautiful pieces in this C&A collection.

Isabela Capeto para C&A faz uma viagem pela botânica ao redor do mundo, explora a natureza em uma coleção que vai do infantil ao adulto. Estampas coordenadas por cores e tamanhos, sapatos, acessórios e muito sorriso de criança. Abuse.

Nas lojas a partir de 22 Setembro.Isabela Capeto

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