Isabela Capeto hosts a talk at Moda Catarina 2015

# Isabela Capeto Ends Fashion Circuit Talks in Florianópolis

Isabela Capeto delivered a witty talk on identity, concept, and product, closing the cycle of discussions in the Fashion Circuit event hosted by Moda Catarina. The initiative driven by SEBRAE/SC is dedicated to professionalizing, strengthening and promoting growth opportunities for micro and small fashion enterprises in Santa Catarina. To learn more about this project, visit their official website at

During the talk, Capeto shared how her participation in the project from 2014-2015 helped evolve her brand’s identity and management, resulting in a more successful product mix with less inventory surplus. Her products achieved a 90% acceptance rate among customers, leading to a sales increase of 30% in August 2015 compared to the entire year of 2014. Capeto attributes a significant portion of this success to the strategic partnership between SEBRAE National, SEBRAE Santa Catarina, and local syndicates that enhance business competitiveness.

The project’s main objective is building on local identity by working with cultural references. In collaboration with local fashion icon Ronaldo Fraga, the initiative focused on the values of non-materialistic aspects of products, environmental consciousness, and the craftsmanship of the Brazilian shoe industry. Capeto encourages investing in quality fabrics, finishing, and stitching, highlighting Brazilian fashion’s main characteristics of color, freshness, and lightness that reflect the country’s unique lifestyle and creative spirit.

Capeto shares her belief in the importance of determination and sticking to one’s ideas to reach success in the creative industry. Don’t let others discourage you, hold on to your vision, and stay determined.

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Isabela Capeto esteve em Florianópolis para encerrar o ciclo de Palestras do Circuito da Moda. A estilista falou sobre identidade, conceito e produto, tudo com um bom humor incrível.

Moda Catarina é uma iniciativa do SEBRAE/SC e visa profissionalizar, fortalecer e promover o crescimento de micro e pequenas empresas do segmento de moda de Santa Catarina. Acesse o site e conheça mais:
Isabela Capeto

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