Isabela Capeto’s Styling by Felipe Veloso

# Isabela Capeto at SPFW 2010: A Preview by Felipe Veloso

In this video, fashion designer Felipe Veloso gives us a sneak peek into the Isabela Capeto fashion show at SPFW. The Isabela Capeto collection is all about choices and selection, and Veloso takes us through some of the key elements of the collection.

One of the defining features of the collection is the use of filters. Veloso explains how Isabela Capeto has incorporated this idea into the clothing, using a mix of ethnic influences to create a unique blend of styles. He illustrates this by showing us some of the headpieces and accessories that have been inspired by a variety of cultures, with influences ranging from African to Indian.

The result is a collection that is both urban and exotic, blending different cultural elements seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for something that is edgy and hip, or prefer to embrace a more traditional style, Isabela Capeto has something for everyone.

If you’re interested in fashion, or simply want to learn more about the latest trends and styles, this video is a must-see. Check it out today and discover what makes Isabela Capeto one of the most exciting fashion designers in the industry.

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Felipe Veloso contou pra gente um pouquinho sobre como será o desfile da Isabela Capeto.
Isabela Capeto

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