Jealous Miss Irresistible Teen Alienates Popular Kids – The Christine Paolilla Story

**Title: The Tragic Story of Christine Paolila | True Crime and Makeup Series**

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my True Crime and Makeup series. I hope you’re all doing well and have recovered from last week’s intense case. Today, we’ll be diving into the heartbreaking story of Christine Paolila.

Before we begin, I want to apologize if you’ve already heard about this case. When I started my research, I wasn’t aware of how many other creators had covered it. However, by the time I realized, it was too late to change cases and still upload a video this week. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my telling of this story.

If captions are not available yet, please check back in a few hours. Sometimes it takes a while for them to process.

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In this video, I’ll be using various makeup products to create a look inspired by the case of Christine Paolila. If you’re interested in any of the products used, I’ve included links to them below.

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Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m from the UK. I’ve always been passionate about true crime. What started with watching true crime shows with my Nan eventually led me to pursue a degree in Law & Criminology. After watching Bailey Sarian’s series, I was inspired to combine two of my passions and create content about true crime and makeup.

In this series, I’ll be covering cases from both the UK and internationally. If there are any cases you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments.

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Lastly, I want to thank you all for your support. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Let’s dive into the tragic story of Christine Paolila.

Hey guys!
Hope you’re all doing well! I’m sorry if you’ve already heard this case before, when I started research I wasn’t aware of how many other creators had already covered this case. By the time I realised though it was too late to change cases and still get a video up for this week but anyway I hope you enjoy my telling of this story!

P.S. If captions are not up yet, come back in a few hours. Sometimes they take a while to process!

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Hi my name is Danielle, welcome to my True Crime and Makeup series! I’ve been interested in true crime for the longest time now, what started with me watching true crime on TV with my Nan from a young age eventually turned into studying for a degree in Law & Criminology.

When I first watched Bailey Sarian’s series I was completely hooked, I loved how she had combined two of the things I’m most passionate about and delivered it so well. She totally inspired me to take the leap and do the same thing on my channel, so all credit for the idea goes 100% to her.

I’m from the UK and will be covering cases from both the UK and internationally, let me know if there are any cases that you’d like to see from me! More cases will be coming soon so please subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

#daniellekirstyChristopher Bates

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Written by Danielle Kirsty


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  1. Okay, for the "Miss Irresistible" thing, that's (in my experience) kids choosing and voting on those superlatives for other kids. It still sounds a little off but in the context of teenagers talking about other teenagers 🤷🏼 Idk, I'm American and that didn't seem too odd to me. Teenagers are hormonal and think they're hot shit, that title absolutely sounds like some teenage stuff to me.

  2. Wait — if there were sketches of suspects this whole time, how did no one suspect them ?! Like oh look here’s a sketch of two suspects — oh wow they look eerily like the victims bestie and her boyfriend they hated— how weird!!

    I’m lost on that bit

  3. 17:20 it doesnt make sense for Chris to be 21 at this point because if he was in juvie for 3 years that means he was 18 when he got in. and if this is true then he would’ve been sent to jail, not juvie

  4. I know this is such a small factor of the story, but it's one that continues to bug me. The girls (after they graduated) would be having parties and told Christine she could come, but not to bring her boyfriend because they don't like him. If none of Christine's friends like her boyfriend, why would one of them have a fling with him?

  5. The awareness that your stories bring is absolutely terrifying but absolutely needed in this day and age… I am an American who lives in Vadnais Heights Minnesota. The fact that a lot of us do not hear of these events, makes it worse.. I have watched sooooooooo many of these (I’m slightly addicted to true crime stories now!) the awareness brought to people worldwide because of you and your team is very inspiring. Please do keep this up! I am so heartbroken over the events of this party and the events in Christine and Chris’s life that led to such a horrid scene… my typing probably sucks because I’m using my phone but just saying, these victims are not forgotten, and you bring us all awareness to prevent such things happening in our communities, thank you!

  6. Miss Irresistible is weird, but at 16-17 you get a lot of jostling for attention for boys (and even before — I was the queen bee at school for a week or two when I was 14 because I had male friends through D&D, and when it starts getting round that you had two boys over to your house to play games that gets rather exaggerated. And I really didn't try to squash that because it was a badge of honour in my all-girls' school.)

    But I do understand what you mean. Girls can be awful people, they can be aggressively sexual before they're ready, they can be jealous and possessive and so on. Body image is an issue with the concept of Miss Irresistible, but to be quite frank, the chatter will be there whether it gets openly codified or not. (Disclaimer — this whole D&D thing will be 30 years ago next year. Maybe it's different now but teenage girls have as much agency in all this as teenage boys do.)

    Also there are two types of popular girls. The people who bully people into popularity that is superficial, and the ones who are decent people and also charismatic. In my year we had the superficial girls, but in the year above there were several popular cool girls who were like Rachel and Tiffany and who took me under their wing. They were the ones I kept up with later on rather than the girls of my own age. I still have the plastic Yoda toy from our first group outing to Pizza Hut on our own when I was in Lower 6th (year 12) and they were in Upper 6th (year 13). We got it for spending enough money there to get a gift and they let me have it, both because I was their 'kid sister' and because I was actually into Star Wars and had just been to see the 20th anniversary release of the remastered first film — still my favourite to this day. I was definitely in Christine's place, and I am autistic so I struggled with my own self-image at that age. I got into a few scrapes, mostly on trips to protests and festivals with the Socialist Worker's Party, but I had a few decent people looking out for me and it was a bit of colour before I started seriously studying rather than being led astray in the manner that Christine was.

    RIP Tiffany, Rachel, Adalbert and Marcus. Sounds like a real-life Carrie…but in a pathetic way.

  7. poor justin. 😢 i feel bad for having to deal with that and actually be involved in this. his name is involved in this case 🥺 he was trying to get clean too. but this is exactly why they say not to get in relationships in there. bc under pressure they both used immediately

  8. this reminds me exactly of the idaho case.😢 and christine is how i was exactly in highschool. major glowup got popular. badboy bf. got on drugs bad but we broke up and i got clean haha. but she sounds exactly like me as a teen. sadly. not hurting her oarents though or the self harm but the same badboy boyfriend and glowup

  9. one day if you could dani please do a skin care and grwm but talk about your make uo❤ its so nice and ur skin is so magnificent. id love to know what ur skin care is. but dont replace a true crime vid for it😂 just one day post a skin care and makeup routine randomly 😂❤ esp the skin care! and hair care. i live you dani ur so perfect

  10. It's funny how so much changes from what's important in high-school versus real life no matter the decade/generation invoved.
    I also think Christine looks about 37 after her make-over. She was actually a very cute girl that didn't seem to need makeup (based off the before photos shown) even with her glasses, imo.
    I would have totally licked Chris's face too. Just being honest. Lol

  11. I really wanted her to get away with it as I feel bad for her, but then I am like, no they suck. And if her friend didn't like Chris, why have a thing with him, I find that so weird.These girls welcomed her in and she did this, so sad. I was bullied at school myself and wish this happened to me and had these wonderful friends.

  12. If I’m not mistaken .. wasn’t a mystery murder book wrote about this case but they changed the names a bit and some of the information? I swear this case is giving me deja vu like I remember this in a book and the details were so spot on when Danielle started telling the story it triggered me

  13. I just re-watched this since there isn't a new episode from Danielle. So much of this is beyond heartbreaking. I just wanted to say how much I love the attention Danielle gives to the victims. Let us never forget or get desensitized while hearing about these awful things, the innocent that are gone. Thank you. ❤

  14. I went to a bunch of different schools as a kid and in some environments the popular kids were horrible and in other places they were so nice and responsible and conscientious etc.

  15. I understand Christine with the bullying over things you can't control. However, that is no excuse for what she did to those girls. Those girls were the sweetest! They deserved to live a long life.. they deserved way better than what they got. 😭💖 they were beautiful inside and out.. I just can't freaking believe it dude.

  16. I believe Chris was 21 and groomed an emotionally unstable Christine on. I think Christine endured too much trauma as a young child to understand positive emotions so throwing herself into all this darkness felt like home. It was gruesome and like a nightmare. Drugs actually played a key role in messing things up for each kid. No excuse but dear lord.
    ps – Danielle I wish you would join MI-5!

  17. The fling theory does NOT make sense to me. She didn't like that man from the start. And why would her father be talking to Chris's sister? If he did, why would he say that to her even if it was true. It isn't likely he would discuss that with the family of the one who murdered his daughter and no one else. And I'm not saying that wasn't Chris's sister. It may have been. But more likely she is repeating what her brother told her. Which isn't likely to be true.

    What makes more sense is that Chris either told Christine they had a fling, cause he's a liar and drug user, and or he either wanted to so he lied about doing it or tried to make a pass at Rachel and failed/was blocked so angrily and full of himself claimed he did. And Christine so wrapped up in him believed him. Then, add in her friends didn't like him, in her mind that was reluctance to be around him because of the fling, not just disliking him. This was all likely due to jealousy about something that never even happened and drugs use. And it would not be the first time something like this, harassment, assault and or murder, happened because someone's loser boyfriend lied about being with one of their friends. Other is that sometimes a friend gets an idea out of nowhere something has happened, due to drug use and brain issues, and the boyfriend hears it and doesn't deny it full well knowing nothing happened. Because it gives them an extra control over their girlfriend, see I'm desirable, I can go be with them, or I came back to you because I love you so much.

    I very, very much doubt that theory is true. I dont doubt it played a part in the murders, for sure, but it was a lie that contributed.

    As for her moving on so quickly, she was replacing one impulsive addiction behavior with another. Promiscuity is often a thing that goes with drug addiction due to personality type. Plus it was not real love. It sounds like they aren't capable of empathy or normal emotions.

  18. 6:00
    The timeline is wrong yes she was bullied and she had no friends and then she moved to another school I think or if it was the same school Tiffany and the other girl the victims stood up for her and they became friends and they helped her with her confidence and then she became miss irrestiable and then she met this guy and got involved in drugs and crime and then the murder . She had also the father who died his money but that didn't come to her till she was 18

  19. Even if it was a drug deal gone wrong isn’t that still 4 murders you need to investigate? Like don’t you still need to find the people who shot them?

  20. Everyone is talking about the bullying but besides the fact thatvshe was bullied it has nothing to do with the murders, i honestly dont think the drugs made her kill them or us assuming it had to do with her friend sleeping with her boyfriend, i think there is more to this because these theories are not good enough my heart goes out to all 4 of the people killed and there loved ones, may this woman rot in jail and also doesn't matter if he was only 18 he had a choice and atill decided to kill them to so even if she was the mastermind he is just as sick, theres younger oeople in this world who would never do that so in my opinion theres more to this story

  21. I’m one of those subscribers who is always watching, but don’t comment 😂. So this is me coming to say that I always had a hard time watching sad cases because it triggers my anxiety, but watching you helps me be able to listen to these types of videos. Thanks for taking the time to dig deep and give us videos to watch and shares stories of cases many might not know about ❤️

  22. Danielle, I'm not asking you to cover this case, but check out the interrogation of Deasia Watkins. What she did to her infant made me sick to my stomach for days. I can handle these cases pretty well, but this was beyond brutal!!!

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