Jeremy Scott Presents NYFW Kabuki on Periscope

# Makeup Overview at Jeremy Scott NYFW: A Glamorous Peek at Kabuki’s Signature Style

Welcome to our makeup overview video at Jeremy Scott NYFW, featuring the talented makeup artist, Kabuki. As one of our all-time favorite artists, Kabuki always brings his unique touch to the coolest shows. And if he’s doing a show at Fashion Week, you know it’s going to be extraordinary.

In this video, we bring you behind the scenes to the Jeremy Scott show, where Kabuki showcases his incredible artistry. Joined by model Veronica, we dive into the fun and fabulous look he created – a fusion of cowgirls in outer space with a glamorous pinup twist. It’s a nod to classic glamour makeup, complete with a beauty mark and a peekaboo eyelash look, but with a Jeremy Scott signature twist.

To achieve this out-of-this-world cowgirl look, Kabuki works his magic by using a thin line of blue eye shadow, creating a playful twist on the old western-themed makeup trends. He also incorporates plastic elements, using Charlene Elmer’s glue sticks to plaster down the brows. To add that finishing touch of gloss, Kabuki uses Mac gloss medium, which can be easily removed with just a wipe.

In this video, we not only get a close-up look at the stunning makeup Kabuki creates, but we also delve into the inspiration behind his artistry. Veronica interviews Kabuki, where he shares his journey in the makeup industry and his passion for creating unique looks.

If you’re a makeup enthusiast or a fan of Jeremy Scott’s extraordinary fashion, this video is a must-watch. Tune in to witness Kabuki’s incredible talent and get inspired by his futuristic cowgirl glam. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more exciting makeup insights.

[Watch the full video here](link-to-video)

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