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**Title: Le Gambrinus: A Thriving Hub for Music, Food, and Drinks in Mulhouse | MplusInfo**


Welcome to Gambrinus, the iconic bar in Mulhouse, as it celebrates its seventh anniversary! In this video, Jipé, the well-known owner, takes us on a journey through Mulhouse, sharing his favorite spots, hidden gems, and personal recommendations.

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Jipé’s love for his city shines through as he talks about the vibrant music scene, the best hotels, top-notch restaurants, and of course, a wide selection of bars. Gambrinus has become a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a lively atmosphere and memorable experiences.

Throughout the video, Jipé shares his latest music recommendations, including the impressive album by Nick Kent. He also highlights the upcoming concerts at Gambrinus, featuring electrifying electro-rock artists followed by an exciting blend of zouk rock’n roll.

Join us this Thursday to experience the essence of Gambrinus with two incredible concerts. And don’t miss out on Friday’s event, where DJ Hell Vidocq, from Bordeaux’s renowned label Platinum Paul Cordes, will keep the energy flowing.

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at Gambrinus – the place to be in Mulhouse!


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Jp, the longstanding owner of Gambrinus in Mulhouse, presents the bustling city filled with fantastic hotels, restaurants, and bars. Previously managed by his friends, the blues-infused atmosphere has now evolved into an even more skilled and captivating experience. Thanks to Jp’s vision, this historical Mulhouse establishment has been revived, receiving a fresh and youthful touch. As people leave with smiles on their faces, they express their gratitude for the incredible evening spent at their favorite spot in Mulhouse.

Jp, who spends most of his time at Gambrinus, can’t resist sharing his latest music discovery: the magnificent yet melancholic album by Nick Kent. The bluesy tunes create a beautiful and emotional atmosphere, making it an absolute must-listen. Concerts at his beloved establishment bring people together, including a recent encounter with a talented American group that blew everyone away with their exceptional performances. They truly added a touch of class to the evening.

This Thursday, we invite you to join us at Gambrinus for an experimental soirée. Get ready for two incredible concerts, starting at 7 pm with electrifying electro-rock musicians showcasing their debut EP. Following that, immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of zouk rock’n roll, performed by a group of young talents who are taking the rock scene by storm. The atmosphere promises to be outstanding.

And the excitement doesn’t end there! On Friday, DJ Hell Vidocq, hailing from Bordeaux’s renowned label Platinum Paul Cordes, will be spinning tunes that will keep you dancing all night long. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the magic of Gambrinus.

So, mark your calendars and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Gambrinus – the ultimate destination in Mulhouse for music, food, and drinks. Let’s celebrate seven magnificent years together!


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Le Gambrinus fête ses sept ans ce jeudi. Pour l’occasion, Jipé, l’emblématique patron du bar, passe à table et présente son Mulhouse, entre coups de cœur et bonnes adresses…

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  1. FUYEZ Je suis propriétaire depuis 4 ans a Mulhouse, d'une maison que j'ai rénové, je subit harcèlement en réseau sur Mulhouse, je vend !! Je vous déconseille cette ville où les institutions publiques sont corrompu et travaillent de pair avec la racaille et la vindicte populaire. C'est le plus gros regret de ma vie à mon jeune âges. Les campagnes de fausse promotion de la ville est complètement illusoire. FUYEZ FUYEZ!!! Seul ville de France dont le centre ville est plus accessible que la périphérie et en y Vivant, vous comprendrez pourquoi !

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