João Pimenta at SPFW Winter 2011: A Review of the Fashion Show in Video Format

**[Name of the video]**: Desfile – João Pimenta Outono/Inverno 2011 São Paulo Fashion Week

**Brand**: [João Pimenta](

**Creative Direction**: João Pimenta

**Beauty**: [Ricardo dos Anjos](

**Soundtrack**: [Roque Castro]( and [Kbeça](

**Theme**: Exploring the trapezoid shape in men’s fashion, with influences from military and religious settings.

**Color Palette**: Gray, black, white, off-white, with hints of navy blue and burgundy.

**Materials**: Velvet, rubberized twill, and wool.

**Shapes**: Trapezoid silhouette on the upper parts (usually tailored at the waist) and rounded shapes on the lower parts, particularly around the hips.

**Accessories**: Military-inspired shoes and boots with slightly upward-twisted toes.

**Highlights**: João Pimenta’s emphasis on visual cleanliness in this season. The standout aspect is the impeccably sharp tailoring, with a fascinating blend of femininity and religious elements.

Experience the [João Pimenta Outono/Inverno 2011]([videoID]) collection showcased at São Paulo Fashion Week. This video provides an insider’s look at the fashion event, featuring exquisite designs and innovative styling by João Pimenta. Witness the harmonious fusion of military and liturgical influences, showcased through trapezoid silhouettes and a sophisticated color palette. The use of luxurious materials like velvet, rubberized twill, and wool adds depth and texture to the collection.

Discover how João Pimenta’s creative vision comes to life on the runway, with perfectly tailored pieces that accentuate the feminine essence within menswear. Immerse yourself in the visually captivating experience and observe the meticulous attention to detail in each garment.

Join fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals as they unravel the captivating narrative behind this collection. Explore the intersection of military and religious themes, executed with artistic flair and precision. Be inspired by this unique blend of styles, expertly curated by João Pimenta.

Watch the João Pimenta Outono/Inverno 2011 show at São Paulo Fashion Week and witness the evolution of men’s fashion in an unforgettable display of creativity and craftsmanship.

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Desfile – João Pimenta Outono/Inverno 2011 São Paulo Fashion Week

Marca: João Pimenta

Direcão criativa: João Pimenta

Beleza: Ricardo dos Anjos

Trilha: Roque Castro e Kbeça

Tema: Estudos sobre a forma trapézio para a moda masculina, aplicados aos universos ambientes militares e litúrgicos (religiosos).

Cartela de cores: Cinza, preto, branco, off-white e pitadas de azul marinho e vinho.

Materiais: Veludo, sarja emborrachada e lã.

Formas: Trapézio nas partes de cima (quase sempre acinturadas) e arredondadas nas de baixo, principalmente na região do quadril.

Acessórios: Sapatos e botas de pegada militares e bicos levemente torcidos para cima.

Highlights: A limpeza visual que João Pimenta se propõe trabalhar nessa temporada. A melhor parte vem na alfaiataria. mais afiada do que nunca. O aspecto feminino que continua sempre presente, agora permeado por um aspecto religioso bem interessante.João Pimenta

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Written by Rachel Krishna

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