Joey Ryan’s Bread Breakdown & Tom Segura’s Quick Culinary Snack

**Welcome to Breaking Bread with Tom Papa: Joey Ryan and Quick Bite with Tom Segura**

In this episode of Breaking Bread with Tom Papa, we have the talented and funny Joey Ryan from The Milk Carton Kids joining us for a meal. Joey’s combination of musical ability and comic talent is truly unique. You don’t want to miss it!

We also have a Quick Bite with the one and only Tom Segura, our first guest on Breaking Bread. Tom and Tom Papa discuss their plans to share a meal together in the future, once they can be in the same room. They also talk about Tom Segura’s recent basketball court incident and how he’s doing.

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We break bread with the talented and funny Joey Ryan from the @TheMilkCartonKids and grab a Quick Bite with the one and only @tomsegura.


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Written by Tom Papa


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  1. Go to another state man. California sounds miserable. We've had restaurants open inside for months now in Kentucky and we have less covid deaths. Its the overpopulation that leads to the spread. If your town is small then you dont have to be as cautious. You literally have more space to breathe.

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome podcast. Keep up the great work. Do you mind sharing where you found the bread bags? I’m a fellow sourdough baking enthusiasts.

  3. Tom I bake cookies. And invite dudes named Joe is he the Dude or the man. Oh both? hummmm… iis that not impossible? Nope. Not with the old man. he's my Chaptinn. See i was to dam. young. Glad they got me. Hey Dad? you around? Everywhere? Yep. In the Air too >? Yep. (A I R )Asshole image retnuh if your not one don't, worries.

  4. Be the butter I am the Bread WHERE THE FUCK IS THE WINE? Oh that's right Joe R has it. Think he will be done with it soon cuz we will be nedding the wine soon………. Tom can ya break wit me soon I hop so. Doh. Im stoned and when that the thing I can't type. the letters keep jumping right b4 I hit the key. Oh well I will land on right one if needed….. No. what? Fugettabouttit

  5. Tommy Breadwheat!

    I've been experimenting with using a flour and water roux or "tangzhong" to keep my bread fresher longer. Haven't figured out a ratio yet though… You got me started Tom! Thank you!!!

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