Join Lauren for a LIVE Q&A session and learn about the exciting role of a Creative Memories Advisor!

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Join Lauren, your host and Creative Memories Advisor, for a Facebook Live Q&A where she answers all your questions about becoming a Creative Memories Advisor and shares her experience as a content creator.

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*Original Video Transcript:*
Hi friends it’s lauren right here at craft some joy and as promised i am here for a live q a right here on my facebook page to answer all your questions about becoming a creative memories advisor and also what it’s like to be a content creator So i hope um i’m just actually going to leave a little space here to have people hop on and say hello and i’m just going to take a second here to um try to find my chat so this is a new thing i’ve done which is uh created a live stream here for An event so um i’m gonna just take a second here and see who is joining me all right i found you guys on my facebook page created a there we go so edit uh yay i saw edita you were one of the people who signed up and angela’s here carla’s here oh my Goodness awesome carla i got your message and um i wanted to chat with you so i’m glad i’m really really glad you’re here carla so um hopefully i can answer any questions and we can also chat a bit more if we need to so i just wanted to Take a minute here and say hello let’s see annette’s here laura is here oh no it’s not working okay i guess it is working yeah okay i think we are working it’s working good carla says it’s working jonas here mary emily is here yay anita

This is a Facebook LIVE replay Question and Answer about being a Creative Memories Advisor and content creator. I’ll share the current join gifts and my own special bonus. I would love to hear any questions you have about joining my team! For more information check out all the details here:

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►Information about being a CM advisor can be found here:
►You can contact me at [email protected]

►Craft Room Organization PLAYLIST:
►Scrap with Me PLAYLIST:

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  1. Thank you so much. You gave a great deal of pertinent and clear information. The perks are really significant. Those special items they now have to minimize how much you can order are being sold in other internet marketplaces. In fact I saw two last night on FB Marketplace and I could t imagine how they could sell a relatively new punch for less than the selling price. Now I know. I am an Advisor with an essential oil company and they have a policy about this. That if you get caught selling product on the web outside the company there is some kind of penalty. Especially if you got it for free! Too bad people take advantage of gifts.
    Anyway, thank you for the information.

  2. That has got to be your cutest thumbnail! ☺️ Thanks for being so honest about the tax implications of joining as a “hobbyist”. I feel better remaining a good, loyal customer who looks forward to all your videos.

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