Judith de Vries’ Porselein Studio Opens in Oost

### Description for the YouTube Video: “The Art of Porcelein – Exploring Colors, Patterns, and Creativity”

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will take you on a journey through the world of porcelain art. My name is Judith de Vries, and I specialize in working with porcelain, an exquisite and pure form of clay often referred to as the “white gold” [(source)](

Using color pigments, I bring vibrant hues to the clay, resulting in a mesmerizing array of colors. By combining different colored clays, I discovered the fascinating technique of “neri come,” a traditional Japanese method of creating patterns by stacking and slicing the clay [(source)](

In this video, I will showcase the incredible effects achieved by layering and cutting the clay, allowing unique patterns to emerge. Witness the beauty of harmonizing different clay colors and the art of creating extraordinary designs.

The journey of working with porcelain, experimenting with forms and colors, never fails to captivate me. After 40 years, I still uncover unexpected wonders, as if I am uncovering a secret piece of nature. The possibilities that porcelain brings to shape and color are endless, offering me the ultimate freedom of expression [(source)](

As you watch this video, observe the intricately crafted patterns that I painstakingly create. Each pattern is carefully integrated with the form, resulting in a harmonious unity of artistic vision [(source)](

The firing process takes place in an electric ceramic kiln, transforming the raw clay into beautiful porcelain. I choose to glaze only the inner surface, creating a striking contrast between the interior and exterior of the porcelain. The firing causes the porcelain to shrink by approximately 20%, adding uniqueness to each piece [(source)](

Origins of porcelain trace back to China, where it was introduced to Europe through the VOC and Marco Polo’s voyages. It took centuries for Europeans to master the art of creating porcelain. Interestingly, my porcelain creations are now being exhibited in China [(source)](

Join me in exploring the beauty and versatility of porcelain art. Get ready to be inspired by the endless possibilities of form, color, and creativity. Don’t miss out, hit that play button now!

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