Julia Jabour’s Wish List: SKUNK Collection from TEMPO

**[Video Title] New Collection TEMPO by Julia Jabour Davis: A Review and Styling Tips**

Welcome to my channel! In this video, I will be sharing my top picks from the latest SKank collection, TEMPO. If you’re looking for chic and functional pieces for the upcoming winter season, you don’t want to miss this!

The TEMPO collection is all about simplicity and ease of wear. The colors are absolutely stunning, and the fabrics are light and breathable. I love how versatile the pieces are, allowing you to create multiple stylish looks effortlessly.

One of the highlights of this collection is its focus on functionality. Each piece is designed to be a building block for a functional wardrobe, making it a breeze to mix and match different items to create various outfit options.

In this video, I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite pieces from the collection. I’ll show you how to style them for different occasions and share some helpful tips on creating stylish outfits.

First up, I’m wearing a gorgeous wine-colored embroidered ensemble. The natural fabric and layered design give it a modern and stylish flair. What I love about this set is that you can also wear the skirt with a closed vest for a more relaxed yet put-together look. The skirt’s side pocket adds a unique touch and elevates the overall style.

Next, I’ve styled an oversized shirt with textured cotton shorts. Despite being perfect for winter, the shirt is light and comfortable. You can wear it in multiple ways, like pairing it with wide-leg pants for a chic and elongating effect. It’s all about finding pieces that make you feel confident and empowered.

For those who love layering, I have another stunning look featuring a linen shirt and a linen-padded jacket. This combination is perfect for a chilly day, and you can play around with different pieces to create a stylish layered look.

The collection also offers a variety of pant options, and I’m particularly excited about the wide-legged pant trend this winter. The pantalona style is both modern and comfortable, and you can mix and match it with various tops and jackets for different occasions.

To finish off, I want to highlight a trendy denim jumpsuit that is perfect for a casual and contemporary look. The jeans from the SKank collection are beyond amazing, with unique washes and stylish details such as side cutouts. When paired with a denim jacket, you’ll have a head-turning outfit that screams “winter fashion!”

I hope you enjoyed this review and styling tips for the new TEMPO collection by Julia Jabour Davis. Don’t forget to join me at the collection launch for even more fashion inspiration. Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Thanks for watching, and see you soon!

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Dê play e confira as escolhas da Julia Jabour Davis do lançamento da nova coleção TEMPO.
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