Julio and Francisco Cancino Collaborate with Mercedes Benz

# Fashion Meets Mexican Heritage: MBFW Collaboration with Grupo Julio and Francisco Cancino

Witness the perfect fusion of fashion and cultural heritage embodied in the MBFW collaboration of Grupo Julio and Francisco Cancino – a renowned fashion designer from Chiapas, Mexico.

In this video, we showcase the stunning fashion pieces inspired by Mexican art and traditions that had graced the runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

From colorful embroidered dresses to elegant suits, each outfit exudes the charm, sophistication, and vibrancy that are unique to the Mexican fashion scene.

As a leader in the Mexican retail industry, Grupo Julio takes pride in promoting the country’s rich culture and talent by partnering with talented designers like Francisco Cancino.

Experience an exhilarating parade of fashion and Mexican pride as you watch this video. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of Mexican fashion.

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Les compartimos el desfile en MBFW de nuestra colaboración con el diseñador chiapaneco Francisco Cancino.

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