La colección de ropa y accesorios de Pineda Covalin

Looking for high-quality, artisan-made traditional Mexican clothing and accessories? Look no further than Pineda Covalin! This Mexican company specializes in creating and selling top-notch fashion with a focus on traditional design.

Check out their official website,, or head to Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool stores in Mexico to see their latest collections for men and women.

But that’s not all – Pineda Covalin has also been featured in prestigious events such as the Chapultepec and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico, the TikTok Awards, and Fashion Fast New York.

In this video, you’ll get an exclusive look at Pineda Covalin’s Spring/Summer collection in action at MBFWMX23 – the perfect inspiration for your next fitness / outfit combination. You’ll also learn more about the incredible women behind this successful business.

Ready to embrace traditional Mexican fashion with a modern twist? Watch the Pineda Covalin Desfile video now!

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Pineda Covalin es una empresa mexicana especializada en la creación y venta de ropa y accesorios de alta calidad con un enfoque en la artesanía y el diseño mexicano tradicional.

Página oficial:

También disponibles en Palacio de Hierro y Liverpool en México

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Pineda Covalin

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