La historia de empoderamiento de Tania Moss junto a Janet Arceo.

# Tania Moss: Celebrating 20 Years of Iconic Jewelry Design

In this episode of #AbriendoLaConversación, Janet Arceo interviews Tania Moss, a talented and successful jewelry designer who has been creating exquisite pieces for 20 years. Tania shares her journey of becoming a designer, the challenges and triumphs of starting her own company, and the inspiration behind her iconic designs.

**About Tania Moss**

Tania Moss is a Mexican jewelry designer who has been creating stunning pieces for 20 years. Her designs are known for their unique use of silver, stones, and pearls, and are inspired by the beauty and freedom of butterflies. Tania’s pieces are sold in her own stores, as well as in major department stores and online retailers.

**The Interview**

Janet and Tania discuss Tania’s journey to becoming a designer, including her background in graphic design and her time studying in the United States. Tania shares the inspiration behind her designs, the meaning behind the butterfly motif she uses, and her vision for making jewelry more accessible. She also discusses the challenges of starting her own company and the importance of staying true to her own intuition and passion.

**Watch the Interview**

If you are interested in learning more about Tania Moss and her beautiful jewelry designs, watch the full interview on [Grupo Fórmula’s YouTube channel](



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