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# Understanding Hyperactivity in Children: Causes and Treatment Options

## Overview
Did you know that approximately 15 out of 100 children without proper guidance might develop hyperactivity? Hyperactivity is a learning disorder that requires attention from specialists to determine when it becomes a psychological problem rather than just childlike energy[^1^]. In this video, we’ll explore the common traits, causes, and available treatment options for hyperactivity.

## Identifying Hyperactivity
Hyperactivity is typically characterized by an excessive level of activity within a specific timeframe[^1^]. However, it’s important to differentiate whether this behavior stems from anxiety, sadness, hunger, or if it’s actually a psychological disorder[^1^]. Evaluating symptoms like restlessness, constant jumping, and anxiety can help identify children with hyperactivity[^1^].

## Key Signs and Symptoms
Apart from being constantly on the move, hyperactive children struggle to focus their attention and often lack the ability to think before acting[^1^]. Although both boys and girls can develop hyperactivity, it’s more commonly observed in boys[^1^]. Specialists diagnose hyperactivity after a child reaches the age of five, as intense activity before this age is often due to the child’s need for exploration[^1^]. If your child frequently draws attention at school, it might be worth considering a specialist’s evaluation.

## Treating Hyperactivity
Treatment for hyperactivity involves teaching children how to modify their behavior, develop social skills, and control their impulses[^1^]. The appropriate treatment can be classified as either pharmacological or psychotherapeutic[^1^]. Although an exact diagnosis of hyperactivity in Colombia is yet to be established, studies suggest that up to 15% of the population may exhibit some degree of hyperactive symptoms[^1^].

Ready to dive deeper into understanding hyperactivity? Tune in to our video for valuable insights and expert advice!

## Sources
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