La technique du nériage : Les secrets de la poterie

# Discovering Pottery Techniques with Potière Christine Conil in Chasteaux, Corrèze

Join Christine Conil, a skilled potière from Chasteaux, for a fascinating episode on pottery techniques. Discover the wonders of “nériage” and “terres mêlées” as Christine showcases her unique approach to crafting beautiful pottery pieces.

## About the Potière

With over two decades of experience in pottery making, Christine Conil specializes in crafting unique pieces of faïence, decorative items, vases, and lamps. She brings her creative skills to life by working with different colored clays using her signature technique of “terres mêlées” and “nériage.”

## The Pottery Techniques

Every potier has their individual skill set and pottery techniques like tournage, coulage, and cuisson. But Christine’s expertise lies in her unique style of creating a massive, multi-colored design by amalgamating different clay colors. Choosing the right pieces to fit with the whole is a skill that Christine has mastered. By following a strict process of assembling these parts, she creates a visually appealing piece of art.

## The Potière’s Artistry

Though Christine specializes in “terres mêlées” and “nériage,” she understands the basics of pottery-making. Hence, she can craft custom pieces based on her customers’ requirements, showing her versatility.

## The Beauty of Pottery

Patience is the key to creating beautiful pottery pieces. After each step, Christine takes care to clean and smooth out the clay. Once dried, the piece is then placed in the oven to complete the process. The final results are stunning pieces that have been created with care and passion for the art.

To watch this incredible episode and learn more about pottery techniques, head to [Artisans d’Art en Corrèze]( now!

Il existe différentes techniques en poterie.
Christine Conil, potière à Chasteaux, nous fait découvrir le nériage et les terres mêlées pour ce nouvel épisode des artisans d’art en Corrèze.

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