Lab 1 Collection – SAPICA Mexico is Fashion. Jannette Klein University

**Video Description:**

Join us as we showcase the impressive collaboration between PROSPECTAMODA and SAPICA S/S 2015, the most important footwear fair in Latin America. This collection is a testament to the incredible talent of designers like Alba Martínez, Carlos Manzano, Corina Rivera, Johali Salas, Lia Carranco, Mariana Valdes, Megan Munguía, and Monica Bellazetín.

Partnering with Prospectamoda, Javier Piña, and Emma Castañeda, the footwear in this collection is truly extraordinary. Make sure to pay attention to the exquisite accessories by Efren Elizalde, adding the perfect finishing touch.

Captured by the talented Karla Ledesma, this video showcases the beauty and artistry of Jannette Klein, a renowned university for Fashion Design in Mexico. Get ready to be inspired by the latest trends in fashion as we take you into the world of runway and high fashion.

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*For more information on Jannette Klein University and its Fashion Design program, visit their official website.*
*To follow the latest trends in fashion and stay connected with the Mexican fashion industry, check out SAPICA’s website.*


Colección colaboración con PROSPECTAMODA para SAPICA S/S 2015, la feria de calzado más importante de Latinoamérica.

Diseñadores: Alba Martínez – Carlos Manzano – Corina Rivera – Johali Salas – Lia Carranco – Mariana Valdes – Megan Munguía – Monica Bellazetín

Calzado: Prospectamoda. Javier Piña y Emma Castañeda

Accesorios: Efren Elizalde

Foto: Karla Ledesma

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