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## Backstage at London Fashion Week 2016 – Paul Costelloe | Hair Inspiration: Nomadic Girl Wandering Through the Sahara

Welcome to backstage at London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2016 with internationally acclaimed hairdresser, Cos Sakkas, the artistic director for Paul Costelloe. This season, the inspiration behind the collection is drawn from the gritty and dusty atmosphere of the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” featuring fierce desert scenes and captivating, fearless models.

To achieve the nomadic warrior look, the hair is styled to mimic the texture and appearance of dusty and gritty hair from the Sahara. Cos Sakkas expertly creates this raw, lived-in effect with the help of the label.m product range.

One of the key techniques used is the incorporation of small, loose pieces of hair falling onto the face, while the sides are pulled back and styled tightly. The distinctive fishtail braid is featured at the back, adding an extra element of interest.

To create this desired effect, label.m’s volume mousse is applied to dry hair, enhancing volume and texture. After scrunching the hair, the stylist pulls it back and works in the fishtail braid. The use of label.m’s sea salt spray adds a slightly wet and lived-in appearance, giving the hair a touch of realism.

The finishing touches are added with label.m’s texturizing volume spray, resulting in the perfect texture for a dusty and gritty look. The absence of brushes or combs from the styling process creates an effortlessly natural effect.

To complement the overall appearance, a touch of sea salt spray is applied to the fingertips and gently placed throughout the hair, maintaining the balance between a slightly messy and carefully crafted look.

Paul Costelloe’s autumn/winter collection showcases powerful, dominant women, portrayed through rich textures and the mingling of different elements. The collaboration with esteemed hairstylist Cos Sakkas, known for his artistry and touch with hair, ensures an exceptional and masculine approach to hairstyling.

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Don’t miss out on the captivating visuals and hair ideas presented by Paul Costelloe at London Fashion Week 2016. Join us on this mesmerizing journey amidst the sands of the Sahara.

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Backstage at London Fashion Week autumn / winter 2016 – Paul Costelloe, headed by International Artistic Director Cos Sakkas, London Hairdresser of the Year 2016


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