Lauren Hugelmaier: The Mysterious Case of the Deadly Cough Syrup

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Now, let’s get into today’s video where we’ll be discussing a mysterious case involving Lauren Hugelmeyer. Lauren was born and raised in a loving and traditional family in Kentucky. She had a special bond with her father and sister. After reconnecting with Matthew Phelps, a childhood friend, they started a long-distance relationship that eventually led to Matthew moving to Raleigh to be with Lauren. The family was supportive, despite the skepticism of Lauren’s father.

However, their relationship had its ups and downs, including a bombshell revelation from Matthew about his previous failed marriage. Despite this, they got engaged and had their wedding the following year. From the outside, they seemed like the perfect couple.

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  1. No wonder why her dad didnt like him. He cant work but hes spending all her money? Addicted 2 cough syrup? Pfffttt what a Dweeb. Hes clearly a wolf in a betas clothing. He Definitely planned this from the start. I think he messaged her originally cuz he wanted 2 kill her but once she was open 2 dating him and Foot the bill for him he prolonged it until she was ready 2 get rid of him. PATHETIC excuse for a man.

  2. Ok people correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know, when it comes to cough syrup, Dxm (dextromethorphan) is usually the drug that makes you high and it's just not the kind of drug that is gonna make you want to murder another human being , that is ridiculous and besides that, he was still using cough syrup instead of the tablets which means that he was not that high…
    That being said, even without that knowledge one could easily see how this guy was using cough syrup as an excuse to "justify" what he did .

  3. this is why i no longer date! don't want to be taken advantage of again by a lazy selfish man. like lauren, my personality is too sweet and passive to stand up for myself so i just don't put myself in the situation anymore. not worth it

  4. I did triple c's in high-school (cause I was dumb) but let me tell you something. It does not make you violent. You also don't get as high as you do the first time you do it. The only way he could have blacked out or doesn't remember anything that happened is if he had taken them for the first time.

  5. I would just like to say how much I love the way to talk about cases. You talk about them not only with emotion and respect, but with an analytical eye. You are able to talk about a case neutrally but also somewhat share your opinion. For a person who likes true crime, watching your videos brings so much peace. Continue what you are doing Bella, its truly amazing!!!! <333

  6. Look bro, even if it was a drug or whatever when he snapped out nothing would have been cleaned up. The scene would have stayed the same. But he didn’t actually love her. And he didn’t care. He just had evil in his heart.

  7. Can you please do a video on the disappearance of Tej Chitnis from Melbourne? He's a big face in missing people from Australia, and my friends and I would really like to know what may've possibly happened to him.

  8. Why would white not be ok for an engagement party? I mean I’ve never been to one or heard of one happening ( they’re not a thing where I am from) but I don’t understand the logic? Do people wear wedding dresses in engagement parties?

  9. Stabbing someone 123 times is one of the most vicious examples of brutality I’ve heard and I’ve been watching true crime for years. We can all get a little desensitized to this type of content after a while but that just blew my mind.

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