Leandro Cano presents first bridal collection ‘Silencio Blanco’


Spanish designer Leandro Cano has launched his latest collection, ‘Silencio Blanco,’ during an event in Seville. The compendium, featuring a dozen designs, showcases bridal gowns and accessories inspired by the Andalusian community. The wedding dresses in the collection use unconventional fabrics, such as cotton and linen, satin, twill, crepe, organza, jacquard with golden yarn, and refined tulle. The fashion pieces also feature adorned ceramic pieces by Cordovan ceramist Luis Torres, which embellish the straps, buttons, belts, and other accessories. The event took place in the Old Convent of Santa María de los Reyes, founded in 1611 as a home for barefoot Dominican nuns.


Collaborations were also forged with designers Lina Osorio, Rosita Fernández, and fabric flower inspirations from Kabuki costumes. Attendees had the opportunity to see the different lengths and sizes of tulle veils, including one embroidered with floral patterns made by a machine. The Silencio Blanco collection’s highlight is the way it utilised unconventional fabrics, coupled with collaborating with artists and designers to breathe life into the pieces.


Leandro Cano is a native of Ventas del Carrizal in Jaén. Having studied photography and graphic design in Granada, he subsequently explored the fashion industry in Seville, where he presented his first collection ten years ago. He specialised in handmade knitwear and leather items before venturing into creating unique volumes with materials like ceramics and burlap. Eventually, he started crafting outfits from entirely Esparato Grass. Along the way, Cano has become the recipient of many esteemed awards and worked with well-known department stores, including exhibiting some of his pieces at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Frankfurt, alongside designs from notable names like Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela.


Cano had the opportunity to create costumes for director Carlota Ferrer’s play, ‘Los Cuerpos Perdidos.’ He also designed flamenco dancer Rafaela Carrasco’s latest tour costumes, amongst other projects. Conversely, in 2020, he presented his folkloric women’s design collection inspired by Spanish performers Imperio Argentina and Rocío Jurado in Paris. Consistently, Cano strives to push boundaries and bring his creativity to every project he undertakes.

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Written by Steve Barth

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