Lilly Sarti – Autumn/Winter 2011 Campaign

**Title: Discover the Glamorous Cinematic Vibes of Lilly Sarti’s Winter 2011 Campaign – Featuring Top Model Marcelle Bittar**

**Subtitle: Embark on a Fashion Journey to the Winter Beach Vogue of the 60s**

Are you ready to be dazzled by Lilly Sarti’s Winter 2011 Campaign? Join top model Marcelle Bittar on a cinematic adventure as she brings to life a mesmerizing winter beach paradise inspired by the iconic Vogue style of the 60s. From the hypnotic and intricate embroidery to the innovative reinterpretation of fringes and noble leather pieces, Lilly Sarti’s clothing truly embodies the concept of “jewelry-like garments”.

The artistry and craftsmanship of the collection are accentuated by the interplay of fabrics and textures, beautifully highlighted by the ethereal lighting of cloudy days, twilight, and the serenity of nightfall on the beach. Captured in São Pedro with the expertise of a renowned team of 21 professionals, this campaign has left fashionistas and discerning customers breathless.

Lilly Sarti stands out as one of the few fashion labels that effortlessly combines total refinement with a unique blend of hippie punk aesthetics – a crucial contrast that contributes to the campaign’s innovative outcome.

With the invaluable contribution of makeup and hair guru Ricardo dos Anjos, the stunning photography by Simone Monte, and the impeccable styling by Lara Gerin, this video clip offers an inspiring glimpse into the magical world of Lilly Sarti’s Autumn Winter 2011 Collection.

As you embark on this glamorous journey, let the mesmerizing visuals, captivating music, and the presence of a Hollywood actor turn this fashion film into a true piece of entertainment. Join us now and embrace the allure of Lilly Sarti’s Winter 2011 Campaign.

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Com ares de glamour cinematográfico, a Campanha Inverno 2011 de Lilly Sarti, estrelada pela top Marcelle Bittar, inova mais uma vez no cenário escolhendo para a estação uma praia estilo Winter Beach Vogue anos 60. Bordados hipnotizantes e minuciosos, uma nova leitura de franjas e peças em couro nobre fazem das roupas Lilly Sarti verdadeiras “roupas jóias”. Tecidos e texturas se destacam nos jogos de luzes provocados pelo dia nublado, entardecer e escuridão total da praia. Clicada em São Pedro, o produto final tem tirado o fôlego de fashionistas e das clientes High End da marca. Lilly Sarti é uma das poucas etiquetas de moda que consegue imprimir requinte total com um blend de hippie punk, contraste essencial para o resultado inovador da campanha.

A renomada equipe de 21 profissionais contou com o know how de Ricardo dos Anjos para make e cabelo, fotografia de Simone Monte e styling de Lara Gerin.
Lilly Sarti

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