Liner Tips for Droopy Eyelids

Are you tired of your eyeliner not showing up properly because of your droopy eyelids? Look no further, this video is perfect for you! In this video, I will teach you the easiest and quickest technique to achieve the perfect eyeliner for droopy eyelids. You can finally have that cat eye look that all the beauty bloggers and Instagram videos have!

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Carel Quezada, and you can find me on various social media platforms. You can follow me on Facebook at Carel Quezada and on Instagram at carelquezada. I also have a Snapchat account under the name Carel Quezada and a Twitter account under the handle @carelquezada.

Now, let’s talk about the most important aspect of achieving the perfect eyeliner – the product you’ll be using. I highly recommend the Prosa eyeliner with the purple cap. It has a matte finish and an intense black color, perfect for creating defined lines. The applicator is super thin, allowing you to create precise strokes without any unwanted thickness. This eyeliner also contains natural oils like mamey seed, aloe vera, jojoba, and wheat germ, which nourish and enhance your lashes.

Of course, I understand that not everyone can afford high-end products, so I’ll also show you how to achieve the same look with a more affordable option. For this tutorial, we will use the Prosa eyeliner to demonstrate the difference between a regular eyeliner and the technique I will teach you for droopy eyelids.

To start, I’ll demonstrate the regular eyeliner technique, where you create a winged effect from the middle towards the outer corner of your eye. This is the technique most commonly seen on social media. However, when I open my eyes, you can see how the winged portion gets hidden by my droopy eyelids.

Now, let’s move on to the technique specifically for droopy eyelids. I’ll start by applying the eyeliner from the corner to the outer end, just like before. However, this time, I’ll pay attention to how much of my eyelid is covered. For semi-droopy eyelids like mine, I can extend the liner slightly towards the inner corner as well. But for those with completely hooded eyelids, you can focus only on the visible areas.

By utilizing this technique, you can avoid having your eyeliner transfer onto the folded part of your eyelid. This will prevent any smudging and ensure that your eyeliner stays perfect throughout the day.

For a more detailed tutorial on this technique, be sure to watch the full video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel and follow me on Instagram @eresvirtuosaonline. Thank you for watching!

La técnica más fácil y rápida para delinear #PárpadosCaidos


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  1. Maravilloso presente párpado semi caído gracias de todos los videos que e visto el tuyo me fascinó exactamente los ojitos que tienes tú al final del ojo tengo yo mi párpado caído ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Me e ca to ahora mismo saldré y me daré una manita de gato como se dice pero me are el delineado como siempre kise y este es el momento muchas gracias x compartir este video bendiciones

  3. Carel por favor considera realizar un vídeo de diferentes tipos de delineados pero con delineadores de colores por favor 🙏🙏🥺 igual soy de parpado semi caído

  4. Holaa, ¿Me das alguna clave para hacer el primer paso porfa?
    Es que tengo las pestañas enchinadas naturalmente y pues me cubren y no puedo ver bien para hacer el primer paso😔😔😔

  5. Woow!!! Justo lo que estaba buscando, no sabía porque me quedaba tan agachado mi delieando es por mi parpado semi-caido y mk ojo que es semi almendrado , a practicarlo me encantó gracias Carel ❤❤

  6. De verdad que me hubiese gustado que hace algunos años hicieran más videos de este tipo, mi párpado igual es encapuchado y siempre me lo delineada como el primer ojo hasta hace unos meses que comencé a mejorar mi técnica, gracias a personas como tu que se preocupan por hacer este tipo de vídeos.

  7. Carel te empeze a seguir en tik tok, porque siempre me ha gustado maquillarme, y ahora que toy ya vieja, tengo los ojos así encapotado así que aquí toy aprendiendo a maquillar o mejor dicho peleando con estos ojos míos 😄 y sabes soy de chile y te empecé a seguir ahora en todos lados, eres una seca 🤗 🧡 y eres tan celestial… Cariños 💜 y aquí contigo aprenderé, así que deseame suerte 🤞 🍀

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