Lolitta Dandoy’s YSL GoogleGlass Experience

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Are you intrigued by the futuristic capabilities of Google Glass (Computer)? Look no further! Join Lolitta Dandoy as she takes on the personalized beauty tutorial “on the go” by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté x Google Glass.

In this groundbreaking video, Lolitta explores the innovative integration of technology and beauty, showcasing the seamless collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and Google Glass. This unique tutorial enables you to unlock a whole new level of convenience and efficiency in your beauty routine.

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Dive into this captivating tutorial and witness the future of beauty firsthand!

## Transcript:

[00:00] Introduction: Welcome to the world of technology and beauty!

[00:05] Lolitta Dandoy: Hey everyone! Today, we’re diving into an exciting collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and Google Glass. I can’t wait to show you how this incredible fusion of beauty and technology works.

[00:15] In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a personalized beauty look “on the go” using Google Glass.

[00:20] Step 1: Fit your Google Glass comfortably on your face.

[00:25] Step 2: Launch the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté application on your Google Glass.

[00:32] Step 3: Select your desired makeup look from a range of curated options.

[00:38] Step 4: The application will generate a personalized beauty routine tailored to your selected look.

[00:45] Step 5: Follow the application’s prompts and use the built-in camera on Google Glass to apply your chosen products flawlessly.

[00:53] Conclusion: And there you have it! A personalized beauty tutorial “on the go” using the power of Google Glass. Exciting, isn’t it? Embrace the future of beauty and enhance your routine with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté x Google Glass.

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Lolitta Dandoy essaie le tutoriel beauté personnalisé “pour emporter” Yves Saint Laurent Beauté x Google Glass.

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Written by Lolitta Dandoy

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