“Lomos de la Ciudadela” by Pedro Torres Reimagined

**Pedro Torres talks with Sara Galindo about his upcoming exhibition “Lomos de la Ciudadela”**

In this captivating interview, Pedro Torres and Sara Galindo discuss the inspiration behind his latest exhibition, “Lomos de la Ciudadela.” The exhibition showcases Torres’ deep connection to the art of photography, influenced by his family’s rich history in the field.

Torres’s parents began their humble journey in the upper level of a photography store in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, where they ran a lab for printing and developing photos. Growing up surrounded by cameras and the enchantment of photography, Torres developed a profound love for the art form.

The exhibition captures the essence of the Ciudadela, Mexico’s historical building, while juxtaposing it with a modern twist that encompasses Torres’ unique style. The digital presentation showcases a century-old location, highlighting Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.

Moreover, the exhibition pays homage to the city’s library and the extensive collection of literary treasures it houses. The biblioteca has acquired the personal collections of renowned Mexican intellectuals such as Garcia Terrés, Alí Chumacero, Carlos Monsiváis, and Castro Leal. Torres draws inspiration from these literary works and explores their visual representation in his collection.

By using a Hasselblad camera with 200 megapixels, Torres brings the experience of the library to life, capturing every detail in larger-than-life photographs. The exhibition provides viewers with an opportunity to admire the beauty of the books up close, savoring the texture of the pages and feeling the profound connection with the past.

Join us for the grand opening of “Lomos de la Ciudadela” on Thursday at 8 PM. This exclusive event will offer an immersive experience, allowing you to become a part of Mexico’s rich literary history. The exhibition will run from Friday, February 23rd to the end of March at the Ciudadela. Don’t miss out on this exceptional display of artistry and cultural heritage.

Be sure to check out the video [here](insert YouTube video link) for an in-depth conversation between Pedro Torres and Sara Galindo about the making of “Lomos de la Ciudadela.”

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Pedro Torres habla con Sara Galindo acerca de su próxima exposición “Lomos de la Ciudadela”
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