London Fashion Week features Sid Neigum’s SS17 Fashion Show

# **Discovering the Creative Process of Sid Neigum: A Mathematician Turned Fashion Designer**

If you are looking for exceptional talent in the fashion industry, you need to know Sid Neigum. A self-described mathematician by nature and a fashion designer by nurture, Sid has a unique approach and creative process that’s been described as a “science experiment.” He experiments with a set of rules, balancing them with constraints, resulting in impeccable garments.

In this video, we explore Neigum’s Spring/Summer 17 collection, which is supported by Swarovski. The show took place at the London Fashion Week and was under the aegis of the British Fashion Council and Fashion Scout.

Neigum’s up-and-coming fashion designs have been noted for their distinct slashes in patterns and added volume in the form of knots, ties, and strips. As the collection evolves, Neigum’s signature modular origami designs take center stage, presenting Swarovski crystals as modules.

This catwalk show is a must-watch for anyone with a keen interest in fashion. It’s an exciting blend of creativity and science, with Sid Neigum at the helm. Watch the video, and immerse yourself in a world of impeccable fashion design.

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A mathematician by nature and a fashion designer by nurture, Sid Neigum’s creative process is akin to a science experiment, whereby hr develops a set of rules & constraints whilst tweaking the resulting garments.
SS17 – he slashes patterns and adds volume in form of strips, ties and knots.
Collection is supported by Swarovski and this seasons sees the evolution of Neigum’s signature modular origami designs – presenting the concept of a Swarovski crystal as a moduleSid Neigum

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