Los Simpson X Anuar Layon en la Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México Primavera/Verano 2019

**Title: Mexico is the Shit x The Simpsons Collection PV19 | CESS Styles**

Witness the incredible collaboration between CESS Styles and The Simpsons, as the renowned designer behind the iconic “Mexico is the Shit” jacket introduces his highly-anticipated PV19 collection. This exclusive fashion showcase at Fashion Week Mexico City (CDMX) is a fusion of contemporary style and classic pop culture.

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Embrace the vibrant spirit of Mexico as it collides with the beloved characters from The Simpsons. Immerse yourself in this fashion extravaganza and witness the harmonious blend of iconic Mexican designs and the timeless charm of The Simpsons. This unique collaboration is a must-see for both fashion enthusiasts and fans of the iconic animated series.

Join us at MBFWMX (Mexican Fashion Week) as CESS Styles presents his groundbreaking PV19 collection. Stay ahead of the fashion game and be the first to experience the new wave of Mexico’s fashion scene.

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El diseñador responsable de la chaqueta “Mexico is the shit” presentó su colección PV19 en colaboración con los simpsons.


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