Louis Verdad Fall-Winter 2013 Runway Show on Google+ Fashion México

**Video Description**:

Welcome to the grand finale of Google Fashion México, where we have the honor of hosting internationally recognized designer Luis [![source](]( Joining us today are Anna Fusoni, the director of Google+ Fashion México, and Ariadne, the editor of Marie Claire magazine.

In this exclusive interview, Luis shares his thoughts on the impact of social media on the fashion industry and how it has changed the way designers create and showcase their collections. He also discusses the importance of representing Mexican fashion on a global scale and the opportunities it presents.

Luis talks about his creative process behind his latest collection and how he balances artistic vision with commercial appeal. He highlights the significance of understanding the needs and preferences of his clients and designing pieces that reflect their style and personality.

During the interview, Luis provides insights into the challenges of sourcing materials and creating a collection that is both visually stunning and commercially viable. He also shares his views on the dynamic nature of the fashion industry and the need for designers to adapt to changing consumer demands.

Join us as we dive into the world of Mexican fashion and get a glimpse of the outstanding work of the talented Luis Véraud. Don’t miss out on this exciting behind-the-scenes conversation with one of Mexico’s top designers.

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– [International recognition for Luis Véraud](


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