Lucas Magalhães discute tendências, negócios e consultoria em entrevista.

[Lucas Magalhães]( shares his expertise in fashion consulting and the importance of a business salon. In this video, Lucas discusses his work with three brands: 16 613, Maracujá, and Rodarte. Each brand has a distinct style and target audience, making it easier for Lucas to develop innovative ideas. With well-established brand identities, Lucas can focus on creating unique, bold trends that stand out in the fashion industry. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to a brand’s DNA while staying informed about current trends. As a fashion consultant, Lucas aims to simplify the buying process for retailers and provide a diverse mix of high-quality products that cater to different customer preferences and age groups. Discover the future of fashion with Lucas Magalhães, as he shares his insights and expertise in this engaging video.

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Lucas Magalhães conta para a Conexão Moda como funciona seu trabalho de consultoria, sobre a importância de um salão de negócios, etc
Lucas Magalhães

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