Magnolia rose en perles françaises : Partie 2 – Pétales roses

**French Beaded Pink Magnolia Tutorial | Part 1 of 4 |**

Welcome to Part 1 of our French beaded pink magnolia tutorial series! In this video, Feta Designer from BeadFlora Studio will guide you through the process of creating a stunning French beaded pink magnolia flower.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to make the petals of the magnolia using French beading techniques. Feta Designer shares step-by-step instructions and demonstrates the process using wire and beads.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with French beading, this tutorial is suitable for all skill levels.

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**Video Transcript:**

[00:00] **Feta Designer:** Hello everyone, welcome to BeadFlora Studio. Today, I’m excited to share part two of our French beaded pink magnolia tutorial series. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to make the petals of the magnolia.

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[00:45] Let’s get started! We will begin by using a 36-inch wire, and our first bead will be fuchsia. Follow along with the pattern provided to create a beautiful pointed petal shape.

[01:15] For the next row, we will use rainbow pink beads. Make sure to match the shape of the petal with the outer row.

[01:45] As we progress, we will continue adding rows using clear beads and fuchsia beads. Remember to refer to the pattern for the exact number of beads needed.

[02:30] After completing several rows, we will focus on shaping the bottom of the petal. Pinch the sides and shape it to your desired form.

[03:00] Moving on to the eighth row, we will add fuchsia beads and make sure to shape the petal as we go along.

[03:45] Before proceeding to the next row, undo the bottom wire and add two fuchsia beads underneath.

[04:15] Repeat the process for the remaining rows, making sure to shape the petals and follow the pattern.

[05:00] Finally, twist the working wire and the tail wire together to secure the petals. Trim excess wires and your petal is complete!

Join us for the next part of our French beaded pink magnolia tutorial to learn how to assemble and finish the flower.

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This video shows is Part I of 4 videos that shares with you on how a French beaded pink magnolia is made.
Part II – I will share with you how to make a French beaded magnolia petal.

For pattern/video course:
Pink Magnolia

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